Available Data

MAPC Data Services compiles data from hundreds of public and private sources and is increasingly involved in the development of primary dataset relevant to regional and local planning.  The best way to access MAPC's regional data warehouse is through the MetroBoston DataCommon, our online data viewer and web mapper.  The DataCommon has hundreds of datasets about population, jobs, housing, land use, open space, transportation, public health, education, and more.  Make custom maps and download data for in-depth analysis.

US Census Data and American Community Survey

US Census data provide the most comprehensive portrait of the region’s residents. 2010 Census data redistricting data released in March provides a first look at population and housing unit growth and the changing race and ethnic demographics for muncipalities and below.  The Census Bureau released the American Community Survey 5-year average data 2005-2009, which provides socioeconomic information down to the Census Tract and Block Group for the entire region.  You can access ACS data via the Census Bureau's website and American Fact Finder.

Go to MAPC's US Census Data and American Community Survey web page

Population Projections

MAPC released municipal-level population and employment projections in May 2008.  Data Services is now updating those projections to support the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan. 

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Development Database

In order to better track the region's growth and forecast its future, MAPC Data Services has initiated a Development Database for the 101 cities and towns of Metro Boston.  As of March, 2011, this database includes information on nearly 1,700 development projects recently completed, in construction, or planned. This database provides a unique insight into development patterns over the past ten years, and can also be used to support population and employment projections for the region.

Go to the Development Database web page

Population Estimates

The US Census Bureau publishes annual population estimates for each city and town in Massachusetts.  The estimates are based on the previous decennial census count, updated with information from birth, death, migration, and housing construction data.  Map and download the most recent estimates for your municipality using the MetroBoston DataCommon.  [Also see the UMass Donahue Population Estimates Program.]

Community Profiles

MAPC’s "Community Snapshots" present a quick summary of current conditions for all 101 cities and towns in the MAPC region, and of every Boston neighborhood.

Download community profiles from the MetroBoston DataCommon website

Community Types

Data Services developed a classification system for Massachusetts municipalities to support analysis, public policy, and communication.  The five basic Community Types—Inner Core, Regional Urban Centers, Maturing Suburbs, Developing Suburbs, and Rural Towns—exhibit distinct land use, growth trends, development potential, and demographics.  Learn more and download a summary report. 

Download summary data, a map and a list of municipalities in each type.

Regional Map Gallery

Each year MAPC prepares Metropolitan Perspectives, our annual report and calendar with a map of the region for each month of the year.  View maps from this year and previous years at the Regional Map Gallery on the MetroBoston DataCommon.