Bicycle Transportation Projects

MAPC supports, promotes and facilitates the increased use of bicycle transportation. We are dedicated to helping local authorities plan, fund and implement projects that enhance bicycle transportation.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning Network

MAPC is assisting several groups of communities in advancing pedestrian and bicycle planning, with the goal to encourage the implementation of pedestrian and bicycle accommodation at the local level and to create networks for safe non-vehicular travel.  MAPC has engaged four clusters of cities and towns to target this effort.

Learn more about the Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning Network in several community clusters


2012 Greater Boston Cycling & Walking Map

 2011 Greater Boston Cycling and Walking MapMAPC is proud to present our walking and cycling map with a nearly complete inventory of the regions bicycling and walking facilities.  This map includes on road cycling facilities including bike lanes and cycle tracks, rail trails and other shared use paths, plus hiking trails. 

Access our online map, download a copy of our print map, or pick up a free copy of the print map at the MAPC office in downtown Boston.









Trail Implementation Toolkit

Kids on Danvers Rail Trail

The network of biking and walking trails in the the MAPC region has been growing, and even more trails are being planned. However, many cities and towns have been frustrated by the slow pace of trail development. MAPC created this toolkit to empower local planners and trail advocates by highlighting some of the more creative strategies that municipalities in the MAPC region have used for trail development, construction and maintenance.

 View the Trail Implementation Toolkit 


Belmont/Waltham Community Path Alignment Study

Proposed Trail Alignment

This study identifies trail alignment alternatives between Brighton Street in Belmont to Linden Street in Waltham where the Mass Central diverges from the Fitchburg Line. Eventually, the Mass Central Rail Trail will extend across the state from Cambridge to Northampton.

The final report is now available and can be downloaded in  two parts in the links below.

Download Part 1 - Community Trail Alignment Study (5.4MB)

Download Part 2 - Alignment Map (Full Size 36"x48") (3.3MB)


Hubway Bike Share Program

MAPC has been working with Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline to develop the Greater Boston region's bicycle sharing program, Hubway.

MAPC staff at the inaugural ride of Hubway, 7.28.11

MAPC has been involved in the development of the bike sharing system since 2008, when we issued the first Request For Proposals to procure a vendor to operate the system. MAPC's role has evolved, but we continue to act as coordinator among the municipalities in the region.

Learn more about MAPC's work with Hubway 


Regional Bike Parking Program

The MAPC Regional Bike Parking Program providesfunding for the full cost of bike racks through reimbursement for each community in the MAPC region.  The program has funded over 13,000 bicycle parking spaces to date!

Learn more about this program and the application process.


Bicycling Studies and Reports

Longfellow Bridge

MAPC participated in the Longfellow Bridge Task Force to help identify how best to accommodate all users and improve mobility on the bridge after its upcoming renovation.

Alewife Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Study (2009)

This study provides recommendations for improving pedestrian and bicycle access to the Alewife MBTA Station and makes recommendations for short and long term projects and actions.

Regional Bicycle Plan (2007)

In 2007, MAPC released the Regional Bicycle Plan, which offers strategies for increasing the number of bicyclists in the region while making bicycling safer and easier. The plan reviews goals set in previous bicycle plans, evaluates progress in achieving those goals, and proposes six general strategies for the region.



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