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The Community Engagement Guide was originally developed by Emily Torres-Cullinane using previous project experiences, ideas submitted by MAPC staff, and guidance from other public agencies, and is intended as an internal tool to assist in achieving MAPC’s outreach objective. This version of the guide has been modified to allow any organization to use the strategies that have been developed internally to pursue their own community engagement efforts. This guide is a tool to assist in... Read more
Outreach campaigns that focus entirely on education or create public awareness of issues can have little or no effect on behavior. Direct personal contact is far more effective. Community-based social marketing (CBSM) goes beyond traditional outreach efforts by leveraging community relationships and social interactions to build upon informational campaigns. CBSM requires those performing outreach to think carefully about their desired goals and how they can utilize local, community-based... Read more
Schools can be a valuable resource for distributing information about clean energy to youth and their parents. Energy-related curricula with entertaining and interesting hooks educate students about energy issues and increase their awareness of energy opportunities, both in terms of their current behavior and their future interests. The National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project provides energy education and support to teachers and students across the country with the goal of... Read more
For municipalities that want to encourage residents to think comprehensively about their energy use, it makes sense to bundle both efficiency and solar outreach into one program in which residents are encouraged to get a energy assessment at the same time as a solar site assessment. A community collective purchasing model can be used to bundle solar and energy efficiency services and to overcome market barriers, including high upfront costs, customer inertia, and complexity in the purchase... Read more
The purpose of a Green Business Program is twofold: to acknowledge the clean energy efforts and energy savings of the business community; and, to encourage local businesses to take advantage of energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities, such as MassSave. As part of the program, neighboring businesses or business sectors can compete to showcase their efforts to increase local commercial energy efficiency and adopt clean energy practices. To celebrate their success, the municipality... Read more