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In order to save energy by retrofitting streetlights with LEDs, municipalities must first own the streetlights. M.G.L. Chapter 164 Section 34A allows municipalities to purchase streetlights from their utility. It was adopted as part of the 1997 Restructuring Act.Municipalities that purchase streetlights in order to complete an LED retrofit can see savings up to 70-80% (see the Retrofit Streetlights with LEDs strategy for more information). However, 30-60% of streetlighting costs can be saved... Read more
Energy retrofit projects can have multiple benefits for municipalities in addition to resiliency preparation and climate change mitigation, including operational cost savings, reduced maintenance, and greater comfort. However, large retrofits in particular require significant oversight in order to identify the most effective projects to prioritize and the resources and timeframe needed to complete them. This strategy outlines how to create and maintain a plan for completing municipal retrofit... Read more
Street lighting constitutes a significant portion of municipal energy consumption and expenditures. By buying back streetlights from their utility provider, converting to energy-efficient fixtures, and procuring products and services in bulk, municipalities can achieve energy and financial savings. For many municipalities considering upgrades to their street lighting system, LEDs have become a viable option. In addition to its environmental and economic benefits, undergoing a system-wide... Read more