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A Community Energy Advisory Committee/Energy Committee is a way for community members to actively participate in local clean energy planning and management. It is a valuable resource for increasing internal municipal capacity for clean energy work, capturing local expertise and public views, generating innovative ideas for future projects and building trust in municipal-community collaborations.In general, an energy committee is a voluntary independent committee, task force, or advisory board... Read more
Collaborating with students can be an efficient and low-cost way to build greater capacity for clean energy efforts. Through an internship program, students can apply their academic knowledge and experiences to help the municipality implement clean energy projects, and the municipality can deliver practical experience and professional development to students. This strategy describes how municipalities can establish an ongoing internship program that will provide assistance with clean energy... Read more
Capacity issues—whether funding or staff time—can be a recurring obstacle for local clean energy efforts. The additional responsibilities and specialized knowledge necessary to pursue such efforts can be overwhelming for busy facilities managers or town administrators. However, it can also be hard for cities and towns to justify hiring a full-time staff person devoted to energy, especially for smaller towns. Sharing an energy manager’s services can be a convenient way to improve services... Read more