Metro Boston Climate Preparedness Commitment

On May 13, the Metro Mayors Coalition convened to sign the historic Climate Preparedness Commitment. Seventeen leaders, including Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, signed the commitment and pledged to work together to prepare the region for climate change and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Somerville Mayor Curtatone Signs Commitment

The Coalition also launched an ongoing Taskforce to address vulnerabilities in the region’s shared critical infrastructure, such as transportation, food systems, energy, clean water, telecommunications, and health and safety protections. The Taskforce will help to coordinate a regional and cross-governmental effort to protect critical infrastructure and other vital resources and systems. The Taskforce will identify, evaluate and implement strategies for preparing the Metro Boston region for climate change. It will also develop best practices for local government, make policy recommendations, set regional priorities based on the goals outlined at the Summit and develop an action-based work plan to present to the Metro Mayors Coalition on an annual basis.

summit meeting

This new regional platform will ensure coordination and integration of existing and planned mitigation and resiliency work to optimize the outcomes of both efforts. It will also prioritize working fairly, equitably, and inclusively to ensure that vulnerable populations have access to protective measures and adaptive capacity in the face of climate change.

Click here to read the Climate Preparedness Commitment.

For more information regarding the Climate Preparedness Commitment or Taskforce, please contact Axum Teferra, Energy Planner.