Data Services

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What we do

MAPC Data Services utilizes information, technology, and local knowledge to create relevant and effective data, maps, and decision support tools. Our customers include other MAPC departments, municipalities, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

We advocate for the collection and dissemination of accurate data about the region and the Commonwealth. Our staff members include GIS analysts, web mapping experts, regional planners, and researchers.



  • Interactive web mapping
  • GIS mapping
  • 3-D visualization
  • Statistical analysis
  • Municipal modeling
  • Keypads


  • Confronting Poverty in Greater Boston MAPC examined and held a forum on the growing incidence of poverty in suburbs, regional hubs, and suburban centers outside Boston's metropolitan core.
  • Boston Public School assignment proposals analysis
    MAPC conducted an initial analysis of assignment plans proposed by Boston Public Schools.
  • Safe Routes to School 
    MAPC applied a new method of spatial analysis to more than 800 schools in Eastern Massachusetts to inform and guide walk-to-school programs and investments.
  • Growing Station Areas: The variety and potential of TOD
    MAPC conducted an analysis to define the need for different financing tools or prioritization of investments in the Metro Boston region based on transit oriented development (TOD). 
  • Regional Indicators
    MAPC's Regional Indicators program establishes a baseline for our equity-related indicators and tracks the region's progress towards our MetroFuture goals.
  • Participatory Chinatown
    Participatory Chinatown is a fully-immersive, 3D game that engages residents in shaping the future of their neighborhood


Please contact Data Services Director Tim Reardon to discuss how we might assist you.