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How Can We Help Your Community?

Jobs, tax revenue, products and services. The benefits of economic growth are many, and Metropolitan Boston needs them.

The challenge, however, is to stimulate and manage economic growth so as to promote not just prosperity, but also livability: equity, health, sustainability, convenience, and safety. And to do so in a way that honors and deepens a municipality’s unique sense of place and community. That’s not just economic growth, but true economic development.

MAPC offers economic development services that are rooted in an unmatched knowledge of the history, culture, and challenges of each of its 101 cities and towns. We take a smart-growth-based, multidisciplinary approach to help shape policies and plans that promote livable change.

  • Market analysis (commercial, office, residential)
  • Comprehensive economic development strategy/planning
  • Transportation oriented development (TOD) planning
  • Corridor planning
  • Zoning to allow/encourage econpmic development (mixed use, TOD, 40R, etc.)
  • Priority development site identification 
  • Master planning 

We have experience in providing assessment and planning for active town centers, understanding local retail opportunities, engaging the community to identify what town residents want for their community, and more. Contact us to find out how we can help strenghten your local economy.

To learn how to submit a proposal for work to be undertaken by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council on your municipality, click here.

Market Studies

Here's a sample of past work MAPC has done to advance the community and economic development of cities and towns across the Commonwealth. 

(Click on photo to read the full report)

halls corner report cover

Author: Amanda Chisholm

Lake Massapoag report cover

Author: Christine Madore

shirley ave report cover

Author: Amanda Chisholm

salem point report cover

Author: Matthew Smith

scituate report cover

Author:Matthew Smith

stoneham report cover

Author: Matthew Smith

east dedham report cover

Author: Matthew Smith

report cover

Author: James Freas


Created by: Andrei Paladi


 Relevant Research:

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

MAPC has a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) with goals for the region that include economic development policies and practices driven by MetroFuture, our regional plan.  The CEDS identifies barriers to economic development; calls out the need for transportation systems that are adequately financed; and asks that we build on our existing strengths in looking towards the future.

Economic Development in the Commonwealth

In 2011, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts adopted "Choosing to Compete: An Economic Development Policy and Strategic Plan." The plan has guided state policy to build a more competitive Massachusetts economy. Find out more here.

Governor Baker has appointed two dynamic and results-orientated individuals to continue driving Massachusetts' economic development forward. Jay Ash now serves as Secretary of Housing and Economic Development and Carolyn Kirk serves as Deputy Secretary. 

Additional Resources

Interested in learning more about economic development in the region? Click here for a list of external resources.

Learn more

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Chisholm, Regional Planner, Matthew Smith, Senior Economic Development Planner, or Andrei Paladi, Economic Development Researcher.