Equity Initiatives

A critical component of MAPC’s mission is to advance equity and cultural competency both internally and in our work throughout the region.

MAPC strives to advance these elements through our organizational policies, practices, and project selection, and through the implementation of MetroFuture, our regional plan for Greater Boston.

Metro Boston Indicators Project

Our MetroFuture plan includes goals to eliminate unfair, preventable, and systematic differences among groups, and create more equitable conditions in our region. 

The Metro Boston Indicators website provides data and findings from "The State of Equity in Metro Boston," which we released on December 13, 2011.

State of Equity in Metro Boston Policy Agenda

The policy agenda identifies key policy and programmatic recommendations to "bend the trends" towards greater regional equity. MAPC reached out to a wide variety of stakeholders to help translate our data findings into policy recommendations.

MAPC Equity Action Plan 

MAPC state of equity Winter Council meeting 2011MAPC is taking action to advance equity and cultural competency in our organization and beyond through implementation of the an annual MAPC Equity Action Plan.

The annual plans outline action items MAPC prioritizes in order to advance equity and cultural competency across five key areas:

  1. Organizational Culture
  2. Agency Policies, Standards, and Decision-Making
  3. Administration and Governance
  4. Service Delivery
  5. Communications and Community Relations

MAPC has produced annual action plans for FY12, FY13, and FY14. A team of staff representative of departments and divisions at MAPC meets regularly to steward implementation.

Past plans and progress summaries:

Inquiries about the MAPC Equity Implementation Plan can be directed to Regional Planner and Equity Specialist Jennifer Erickson at jerickson@mapc.org.

Project highlights

Accessibility at MAPC

MAPC is committed to improving access to our offices, public meetings and programs. The agency values engaging people from every culture, demographic group, and those with physical limitations in our planning processes. 

Learn more about the resources we provide to increase meeting, website, and office accessibility.

What do we mean by "equity?"

MAPC defines equity as fair access to opportunities for people from all communities, so that everyone in the region can achieve the full potential they envision for themselves. Back to top

What do we mean by "cultural competency?"

MAPC defines cultural competency as the ability to recognize and consider the diverse cultural norms, attitudes, identities and world views of our leaders, staff, and constituents when making decisions about how we interact and engage with stakeholders across the region. Organizations and people who strive towards maintaining a culturally competent practice engage in mindful cross-cultural interaction and carefully consider their own biases and expectations before making inferences about the identities and values of others.

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