Land Use

cochituate aqueductland use planning meetingaerial photo of fresh pond. courtesy of Jon sachs

What we do

MAPC provides a number of programs for municipalities in our region, including: preparation and implementation of MetroFuture; advising the MAPC Legislative Committee and Executive Committees regarding land-use-related proposed legislation; staffing the eight MAPC subregions, which provide forums for municipal officials and other community leaders to discuss open space, housing, economic development, transportation and other issues of mutual interest; and provide technical assistance to individual, or groups of, municipalities on a range of land use and zoning issues, including open space and recreational use planning.

Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

The Land Use Division is available to assist you with a variety of land use planning projects including housing production planning, fair housing planning, economic development, cultural planning, open space and recreation planning, zoning, and more. Learn more about the TAP.

Recent Projects

New Initiatives

Art and culture add vibrancy to places and neighborhoods, and can be an integral part of community planning. Learn more about the arts and culture goals and strategies outlined in our MetroFuture regional plan and about the resources and technical assistance we can provide:


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