Local Energy Action Program (LEAP)

Project background

The Local Energy Action Program (LEAP) helps communities plan and implement local clean energy projects. Participating communities receive technical assistance from MAPC to plan for and launch innovative and financially sustainable projects that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the municipal, residential, and commercial sectors. For examples of energy action strategies addressed by LEAP, download our Municipal Energy Opportunities checklist.  

MAPC's role

MAPC provides technical assistance to communities to create and implement a local energy action plan, which includes an inventory of municipal and community-wide energy use and expenditures and past energy activities.

As part of the program, MAPC works with municipal officials and community stakeholders to establish energy reduction goals and to identify strategies for reaching these goals. The projects undertaken through the Local Energy Action Program support MAPC's MetroFuture goals of creating healthy environments with decreased consumption of energy. Energy strategies and projects initiated through this program vary based on the extent to which each community has previously engaged in clean energy work.

Why it's important

Massachusetts, like the rest of the country, is facing daunting energy use challenges. A great amount of the work that will need to be done to address those challenges will happen at the local level, with municipalities that are able to develop policies and regulations that have a positive impact on energy efficiency and conservation.

Participating cities and towns


Through LEAP, MAPC works with municipal officials and local community stakeholders, such as energy committee members, residents, businesses, chambers of commerce, and housing authorities, to establish energy reduction goals and to identify strategies for reaching these goals. Additionally, MAPC works to build relationships and collaborations between local and municipal stakeholders and leaders in the clean energy sector. LEAP program partners include:

MAPC is seeking information from potential program partners who can help implement local energy action strategies in cities and towns by leveraging a partnership with leaders in municipal government. Interested parties please contact Ani Krishnan.

Additional resources

For more more information on local clean energy strategies, check out MAPC's Municipal Clean Energy Toolkit.


To learn more, contact Ani Krishnan, Energy Planner, Clean Energy Division.