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What is MetroFuture?

MetroFuture, the Greater Boston region's 30-year plan, guides MAPC's work agencywide. 

The MetroFuture plan supports smart growth and regional collaboration through the promotion of:

  • efficient transportation systems
  • conservation of land and natural resources
  • improvement of the health and education of residents
  • an increase in equitable economic development opportunities for prosperity

Take a look at some of the MetroFuture projects taking place in our region:

MetroFuture in Action website screen shot 

Walks & Talks and other MetroFuture events

The MetroFuture Walks & Talks are a series of tours and speaking events that relate to the goals and objectives of the MetroFuture regional plan.

Check the events page for upcoming Walks & Talks

Contact Renato Castelo, Community Engagement Specialist, for questions or suggestions for a future event. 

MetroFuture Goals, Objectives, & Strategies

MetroFuture comprises 65 specific goals for the year 2030, as well as objectives and indicators we will use to measure progress toward achieving these goals, and 13 implementation strategies containing hundreds of recommendations for actions needed to achieve our goals.

Download the MetroFuture Regional Plan Goals & Objectives (4MB)

Download an outline of the MetroFuture Implementation Strategies


This plan was developed with the extensive participation of thousands of “plan builders,” including residents, municipal officials, state agencies, businesses, community-based organizations, and institutional partners.The plan was adopted by MAPC in 2008.

In October 2010, MAPC was awarded a $4 million Sustainable Communities Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This grant supports the implementation of MetroFuture, through local planning efforts, state and regional policy work, development of tools and data, and capacity building for local residents and leaders. Learn more about the Sustainable Communities grant.

Recent projects


For more information, contact Acting Director of Strategic Initiatives Eric Hove at