Advocacy: Become a Friend of MetroFuture

Courtesy of Marilyn Humphries, 2009.


Moving from plan to action requires organization, advocacy, and communication. MAPC has launched three action campaigns designed to advance specific goals key to advancing MetroFuture’s vision.

Become a friend and learn more about the Friends of MetroFuture Program

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Campaign for Local Smart Growth

light bulb iconCampaign for Green Energy
cogs iconCampaign for Transportation Investment

Learn more about our campaigns and other advocacy initiatives.

Become a 'Friend of MetroFuture'!

MetroFuture is an innovative plan, but implementation takes innovative people! There are many different ways to help spread the word about MetroFuture. Show your support for the MetroFuture Plan by becoming a friend and join a growing community of people seeking alternatives to status-quo approaches to planning and development.

As a Friend of MetroFuture, you’ll receive:

  • MAPC’s e-newsletter, the Regional Record
  • MAPC’s annual calendar
  • Announcements on upcoming MetroFuture forums, workshops, and outings
  • Invitations to networking opportunities in your community where Friends of MetroFuture can coordinate at the local level
  • E-Alerts when your voice can make all the difference for pending legislative action on MetroFuture issues

Together, we can transform the MetroFuture Plan into a reality.

Become a friend and learn more about the Friends of MetroFuture Program