Sustainable Communities Application Development Process

The Sustainable Communities in Metro Boston application was developed over the course of three months through the participation and collaboration of many members of the Consortium.

Even before the release of the Notice of Funding Availability, MAPC began convening allies and new partners to discuss the grant opportunity.  In the spring and early summer, MAPC and the MA Department of Housing and Community Development organized two meetings of state agencies, funders, CDCs, and regional organizations to discuss coordination of regional initiatives in Metro Boston and the role of Sustainable Communities in uniting and complementing these initiatives.

Following the release of the NOFA, MAPC met with dozens of municipal officials, community-based organizations, state agencies, CDCs, funders, and other partners to discuss the application and solicit feedback. The application development process also included the following activities and metrics:

  • MAPC developed a project proposal template to solicit ideas for planning activities that should be included in the proposal.
  • MAPC Subregional coordinators conducted personal outreach to their contacts in each of MAPC's 101 cities and towns to solicit project proposals and encourage membership in the Consortium.
  • MAPC contacted public housing authorities, community development corporations, regional housing non-profits, and fair housing commissions throughout the region. 
  • The first complete draft of the application was posted at on August 2.
  • Over 40 consortium partners participated in two August meetings to review the drafts and provide feedback. 
  • Over 500 unique visitors viewed the Sustainable Communities web page at 
  • Over 150 unique visitors viewed the "Draft Application Materials" webpage to download a draft of the application for review.