Massachusetts Land Parcel Database

The Massachusetts Land Parcel Database is a statewide atlas of more than 2.1 million land parcel boundaries and associated tax assessor data. Working from digital parcel and assessor records created and/or standardized by MassGIS (the Commonwealth’s Office of Geographic Information), MAPC compiled data previously available only on a town-by-town basis in each of the state’s 351 municipalities. In addition, we calculated additional statistics about each parcel, including floor area ratio, assessed value per area, impervious surface, and other indicators. This dataset is a unique resource for planners, researchers, advocates, and taxpayers interested in land use, urban form, development opportunities, and tax assessment across the state.

Updated May 2017

When downloading the data, you will be asked to provide your name and email. This is only for internal tracking.

MAPC has currently made this data available as a single feature class within a file geodatabase and as three shapefiles. Due to the large size of the data (>3GB) it is not possible to store the data in a single shapefile without corrupting the attributes. As a result the data was split into three shapefiles covering:

The summary documentation can be downloaded separately.

Please contact with any questions.