Preferred Sustainability Status

The Metro Boston Consortium for Sustainable Communities has received Preferred Sustainability Status from HUD. 

This means that HUD will award two bonus points to qualified organizations from Metro Boston which are applying for many federal grant programs. Click here for more information.

Applicant criteria

For the applicant to qualify for these points, they must receive a certification from MAPC (HUD 2995 form) that they have met the following criteria:  

  • The applicant is engaged in activities, that in consultation with the designated Point of Contact of the HUD designated Preferred Sustainability Status Community furthers the purposes of the Regional Planning Grant Program or the Challenge Grant Program; and
  • The applicant's proposed activities either directly reflect the Livability Principles cited and contained in HUD's General Section to the Fiscal 2011 NOFAs or will result in the delivery of services that are consistent with the goals of the Livability Principles; and
  • The applicant has committed to maintain an on-going relationship with a HUD Preferred Sustainability Status Community for the purposes of being part of the planning and implementation processes in the designated area.

Request certification from MAPC

Please notify MAPC if you intend to seek these bonus points, as soon as you are able. 

To seek certification from MAPC, attach the following form to your draft application, and submit both documents electronically to MAPC, at least three business days before the grant filing deadline.

Preferred Sustainability Status certification form


For more information contact Eric Hove at or 617-933-0737.