Public Health

Boston Farmers Market. Courtesy of mike SandmanMAPC Senior Project Coordinator Lola OmolodunMiddlesex Fells. Courtesy of Paul W.

What we do

MAPC's Public Health Department integrates public health perspectives into our planning and policy work. Our team helps to ensure that residents throughout our region have access to open space and healthy food, that they utilize modes of transportation that encourage healthy lifestyles, live in violence-free communities with safe and clean housing, have equal access to health care services, and have limited exposure to environmental contaminants and pollution. The public health work at MAPC is guided by our regional plan, MetroFuture, recognizing the growing importance of linking health and planning.

Community Transformation Grant projects

Many of MAPC's public health projects are funded through the Middlesex County Community Transformation Grant (CTG), awarded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To chart progress of the CTG, see the OurHealthyMass data and visualization web portal.

Health Impact Assessments (HIAs)

A Health Impact Assessment is a tool for maximizing the positive health effects and mitigating the negative effects of a proposed project, plan, or policy. An HIA can highlight health disparities, raise awareness among decision makers and the public of potential health impacts, and provide recommendations.

Learn more about MAPC's Health Impact Assessments

Food Systems Planning

The Public Health Division is supporting MAPC's work with the state and regional partners to develop a statewide Food Systems Plan. The division will be providing expertise and experience with increasing access to healthy foods and reducing associated health disparities.  More informatoin about this work can be found on the project webpage.

Past projects



For more information contact Public Health Manager Barry Keppard at 617-933-0750 or