Regional Bike Parking Program - 2017


cambridge cycle stallMAPC is pleased to continue the Bicycle Parking Program for 2017! This year, MAPC is teaming up with nine other regional planning agencies throughout Massachusetts to provide an expanded program.

All of MAPC's 101 cities and towns are eligible to participate in the program. 

MAPC particularly encourages communities to install bike racks in business districts and at public buildings. We have found that these locations are often where bike-parking demand is greater than supply.

Key attributes of the 2017 program include:

  • Discounted pricing — typically 20-40 percent off our vendors' regular pricing.
  • Joint purchasing under M.G.L. c.30B by MAPC. Eligible communities simply sign on to our procurement to participate.
  • Full selection of eligible bike-parking equipment:
    • Inverted U racks in multiple styles
    • High-capacity racks that hold up to 14 bikes
    • Cycle stalls for in-street bicycle parking
    • Tool stands
    • Shelters and canopies
    • Stacked parking for tight areas
  • Equipment from Saris, Dero, and Creative Metalworks 

 invertu multiple  highwheel  loop  cyclestall  toolspumpshelter2

How to Participate

The following procedure must be followed to select and purchase racks that will be eligible for reimbursement through the program.

1. Subscription Form

To participate in the program, first complete and return the Bike Parking Subscription Form. The form must be signed by a person with contracting authority for your municipality. Please sign the form and email a scanned copy to the contact at the bottom of this page. 

MAPC will send you confirmation after the subscription form is received. You may then begin to select bike parking equipment per the procedure outlined below.

2. Choose Bike Racks

MAPC has selected three vendors to offer bicycle racks for purchase through the program.  The vendors are SarisDero, and Creative Metalworks

Only selected products from the MAPC-approved vendors are eligible through this program. Each vendor has supplied a pricelist of MAPC contract-pricing on selected products. Special MAPC contract-pricing provides typically 20-40% off their respective list prices. 

MAPC Bike Parking Pricelist (coming soon)



                    Contact: Emelye Sturges       608-729-6154





      Contact:  David Boyce          617-869-5408


                                            Contact: Merrill Denney          503-868-7476


3. MAPC Pre-Approval

You must send to MAPC your proposed order quotes for approval. Quotes must be approved in advance to ensure that procurement pricing and rack types are followed.  Send quotes to David Loutzenheiser at

4. Place Your Order

Once your order is approved by MAPC, place your order and arrange shipment directly with the vendor(s) of the particular product(s) that you wish to order. You must pay up-front for the cost of the racks and shipping. You are responsible for installation of the purchased equipment. 

The current program ends on December 31, 2017.

5. Reimbursement

No reimbursement is provided for the 2017 program. 


Please contact David Loutzenheiser at 617-933-0743 or