Stoughton Local Energy Action Program

Project background

In February 2012, MAPC selected the Town of Stoughton to participate in MAPC’s Local Energy Action Program. Over a ten-month period, MAPC met with town officials, including the Board of Selectmen, Stoughton Energy & Sustainability Committee, Stoughton Chamber of Commerce, residents, business owners, as well as other stakeholders such as National Grid and Columbia Gas, to understand the community’s priorities and interests in energy, sustainability, and community and economic development issues.

MAPC worked with these stakeholders to draft the Stoughton Energy Action Plan, which provides guidance to the Town and its constituents on setting and pursuing clean energy goals in Stoughton’s residential, commercial and municipal sectors.

In February 2013, the Stoughton Board of Selectmen voted to endorse the Local Energy Action Plan. MAPC is currently working with the Town and local energy stakeholders to begin adopting the recommendations laid out in the Energy Plan. 

Stoughton Local Energy Action Plan 

The purpose of The Town of Stoughton Local Energy Action Plan is to arm Stoughton with new energy goals and action strategies to advance the community’s clean energy efforts.

The plan is divided into three parts: 

Part I

  • Stoughton Energy Profile: This section provides an overview of Stoughton’s energy use, including a history of Stoughton’s past energy work and achievements and a profile of municipal, residential and commercial energy use.
  • Stoughton Energy Goals and Actions: This section offers recommended energy goals and actions for the Town of Stoughton to expand its clean energy work.

Part II

  • Energy Action Strategies: The Energy Action Strategies presented in Part II are designed to help stakeholders design and implement recommended energy actions.

Part III

  • Appendix: The Appendix includes information that was used to develop the Stoughton Energy Action Plan. 

Programs & Initiatives

MAPC is currently supporting the following local energy initiatives:

  • A residential outreach campaign led by Next Step Living to help Stoughton residents learn more about energy effiency and solar opportunities.

  • A business outreach campaign with A Better City aimed at helping local businesses connect to the MassSave program and identify additional sustainability opportunities.

News & Resources

Stoughton “Going Going Going Green” Green Business Workshop – October 1, 2012

Stoughton "Going Going Going Green" Green Business Workshop

In October 2012, MAPC assisted the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce in coordinating the Stoughton "Going, Going, Going Green" Green Business Workshop at IKEA. The event collaborated energy stakeholders from National Grid, Columbia Gas, and Next Step Living, as well as over forty Stoughton businesses to promote commercial energy efficiency efforts. The utilities, Next Step Living, and MAPC highlighted existing financial opportunities and incentives for energy efficiency retrofits. Chamber members and local business owners shared their personal experiences with participating in MassSave. Participants were also given a tour of IKEA’s green roof and recently installed solar project.

Stoughton LEAP Working Group Meeting - April 26, 2012


To learn more, contact Ani Krishnan, Energy Planner, Clean Energy Division.