Green your fleet with MAPC in 2018!

Green your fleet with MAPC in 2018!

Take our Community Interest Survey to let us know what clean vehicle technologies you’re interested in purchasing through MAPC’s Green Mobility Group Purchasing Program.

In 2018, MAPC is expanding the Green Mobility Group Purchasing Program to include pricing agreements for electric vehicle charging stations and aftermarket conversion technologies. Depending on the level of interest from fleets, Round II may also package charging stations and electric vehicles together into one solicitation. MAPC intends to coordinate group purchases from vendors on the statewide contract on behalf of participating communities during the summer of 2018.

Please respond to this survey if you are interested in participating in a group purchase of

  1. electric vehicle charging stations,
  2. electric vehicles, and/or
  3. aftermarket conversion technology.

If you would like assistance from MAPC on selecting an appropriate charging station or assessing opportunities to retrofit or up-fit vehicles in your fleet, please respond to the survey by January 31, 2018.

Survey responses will not be considered a binding commitment to participate in the Program.