On Wednesday, April 11, the House Committee on Ways and Means released their budget and did not include specific funding for District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA).

Without an amendment there will not be funding for DLTA.

This critical funding is distributed to all of the 13 Regional Planning Agencies(RPAs) to act as technical assistance centers for municipalities on a wide range of land use and planning functions. Representative Donato filed Amendment #282 to restore the language requiring funding for the program. Please ask your MA State Representative to support Rep. Donato’s amendment #282 today which will restore funding for the program.

Please take a few minutes this week to do three things:

  1. Contact Your Representative. Email or call your Representative (or all the Reps who represent the region that you serve) and ask them to co-sponsor Rep. Donato’s amendment.
  2. Spread the Word! Forward this message to your networks and share on social media. Let your friends and family know.
  3. Let us Know You Took Action. Use the hashtags #DLTAfunding #Amendment282 #MassBudget #mabudget #mapoli or email lrobins@mapc.org!

All the information you need is below. If you have any questions, please contact Leah Robins, Senior Government Affairs Specialist at lrobins@mapc.org, 617-933-0710,

How to Identify your Representative(s):

Sample Twitter Posts

To your followers: 
  • Support #Amendment282 #DLTAfunding today! Contact your Rep now to ask for their support in the state budget. Info here: https://mapc.ma/DLTAction  #massbudget #mapoli
  • Take action today to support critical #DLTAfunding for municipalities! Contact your Rep now to ask for their support in #Amendment282. Info here: https://mapc.ma/DLTAction #massbudget #mapoli
To your Rep: 
  • @[Your Reps’ Twitter Handle] Please co-sponsor @RepDonato #Amendment282 to restore #DLTAfunding for technical assistance to municipalities. Info here: https://mapc.ma/DLTAction
  • @[Your Reps’ Twitter Handle] Please co-sponsor #Amendment282 filed by @RepDonato to support #DLTAfunding. Info here: https://mapc.ma/DLTAction

Sample Facebook Post

Join me [or name of your organization] in taking action this week to support the District Local Technical Assistance Program (DLTA)! Please contact your Representative today and ask her or him to co-sponsor Rep. Donato’s DLTA budget which will restore language to fund DLTA program and include a modest increase to $3.4 million in the FY2019 budget. [Insert one sentence about why the DLTA program is important to your community.] Please share this post!

Sample Phone Script

[Ask to speak with a staff member in the Representative’s office].

Hello, My name is [name] and I’m [title/ affiliation in Representative’s district] and I am calling to ask Representative [Name] to cosponsor Representative Donato’s DLTA amendment #282 . I am happy to send along additional information. Would you be willing to follow up with me to let me know if the Representative plans to cosponsor this amendment?


Sample Email Script

Dear Representative [name]:

My name is [Your Name]. I am a constituent from [Your Town]. OR- I work for [Your Organization] and we serve the residents of [Your Municipality]. I am writing to respectfully urge you to cosponsor Representative Donato’s District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) amendment #282 to restore language that will fund DLTA program in the FY2019 budget. Without this amendment, DLTA will receive no funding in FY19.

DLTA funding has been a vital tool for communities to provide technical assistance to municipalities on a variety of functions that support some of the Commonwealth’s key initiatives. Specifically:

  • DLTA funding is appropriated for all 13 of the state’s Regional Planning Agencies (RPAs) covering all of 351 municipalities in the Commonwealth. Funds are available for municipalities on a wide variety of land use permitting and planning functions, including zoning, housing production and preservation, economic development, open space and conservation planning, energy conservation and siting, etc. Equally important, DLTA is used to help cities and towns to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local service delivery, and to regionalize planning, procurement, and service delivery wherever possible.
  • The demand for DLTA assistance routinely outstrips the supply of funds. MAPC, for example, was only able to fund about half of the worthwhile applications received last year
  • The range of issues demanding technical assistance continues to grow, especially as municipalities reduce staff size and depend upon RPAs for additional services. For example, few people would have predicted even five years ago that RPAs would be compelled to provide whole new types of service such as climate-related vulnerability analyses and adaptation planning; coping with short-term rentals such as Airbnb; and licensing of businesses for the distribution of marijuana. Yet, all of these are now on our plate, and the most cost-effective way to provide those services is on a regional basis.

Without Rep. Donato’s amendment #282 there will not be funding for this critical program in our community. [Describe one or more DLTA funded projects you worked or are working on.] Thank you for your consideration of this email. Please let me know if you will cosponsor this important amendment.



Thank you for your action and please follow MAPC’s social medias for updates!