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For Our Mother, For Our Children: Introduction to Indigenous Worldviews on Climate Resilience
Sep 20 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Part of the “Rooted in Nature: Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Resiliency” online speaker series, this session serves as an introduction to indigenous kinship systems and how it informs how Tribal Nations and Peoples perceive climate health and how it informs the approach to solutions. Guest speaker: Ryann Monteiro.

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Attempts to engage Tribal Nations are generally well-intended but under-informed. A general lack of understanding of Indigenous worldviews and tribal sovereignty has often led to “one size fits all” solutions that do not fit the needs, wants, or desires of that community. Layered with a history of non-indigenous entities utilizing extractive practices in their relationships, the result has been a legacy of distrust. In response to this, many tribes are highly selective in who they work with and why as they seek to protect the very things that have been, and currently are, under threat: their land, language, culture, families, and sacred teachings.