Regional Procurement


Promoting Smart Growth & Regional Planning

Buying clean technologies can be difficult when you don’t want to buy in bulk.

We help municipalities manage costs and buy what they need with group purchasing programs for LED streetlight retrofits, solar equipment purchasing, and clean vehicle upfits and retrofits.


LED Streetlight retrofits

Through MAPC, you can access one-time Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) grant funding for 30% of the cost of LED streetlight materials and installation – and get the convenience and peace of mind of collective purchasing. To be eligible, your city or town must already own its existing streetlights, and commit to OR have completed a streetlight audit.

To learn more about grant eligibility, current and past projects, and the services MAPC provides, visit our LED Streetlight webpage.

Clean Vehicle Projects

Over 40 percent of the Commonwealth’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. Municipalities could help reduce these emissions and save money by greening their municipal vehicles through the use of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations, idle reduction technology, and aftermarket conversion technology.

Through the Green Mobility Group Purchasing Program, MAPC is working with cities and towns to identify opportunities to retrofit existing fleet vehicles, up-fit new purchases, or implement clean fuel conversions, getting them the cost benefits of bulk purchasing and reducing the time investment needed to purchase these technologies. Learn more on the Clean Vehicles webpage.

Performance contracting (ESCO)

MAPC facilitates group procurements to select and qualify a professional Energy Services Company (ESCO) to provide energy management services through a performance contracting model.

Performance contracting is a creative financing mechanism that allows communities to use guaranteed energy cost savings of a 15- 20 years period to pay for a bundle of energy saving, infrastructure-renewal projects across a portfolio of buildings.

MAPC is currently collecting letters of interest for a regional ESCO solicitation to be issued.

Solar contracting

MAPC supports communities wishing to invest in solar energy through regional procurement projects, solar energy management contract development, and educational events. Solar energy management contracts are long-term service agreements between communities and developers and include system design, financing, installation, operations, maintenance, long-term lease of public space, electricity, and a system performance guaranteed.

A community entering into a solar EMS contract is responsible for hosting the photovoltaic solar system on a municipally-owned site and purchasing all of the electricity generated by the PV system, gaining long-term, guaranteed solar energy production at a determined price schedule. Developers own the system and generate revenue by selling electricity to the community and monetizing tax incentives and credits. To learn more, contact Nicole Sanches at