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Collective Purchasing

MAPC is dedicated to lifting the administrative burden from municipalities to help them procure – and save on – a full range of apparatus, equipment, and services. MAPC’s procurement specialists make it easy to save time and money by offering various contracts for emergency vehicles, personal gear, and smarter parking equipment.

For additional information on any of MAPC's Collective Purchasing Programs or to discuss ideas for other regional procurements, please contact

  • Mark Fine, MAPC's Director of Municipal Collaboration at (617) 933-0789 or
  • Marjorie Weinberger,  General Counsel at (617) 933-0724 or
  • Kelsi Champley, Procurement and Contract Coordinator at (617) 933-0766 or

GBPC and MAPC are happy to announce the hiring of Tom Collins, the retired Natick Deputy DPW Director and Fleet Manager, as a Vehicle Specialist. This position aims to provide public works professionals from the GBPC member communities with more opportunities to procure vital goods and services in a cost-effective and price competitive manner.


The Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts (FCAM) purchasing program is only one of many ways that MAPC can assist your municipality.

The FCAM program is a convenient, cost-effective way for communities to easily “shop and buy” fire apparatus and manufacturers without having to worry about pricing because MAPC has already negotiated the price in compliance with relevant law. MAPC acts as the purchasing agent for FCAM and issues all bids and contracts in compliance with M.G.L. c. 30B.

The Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts (FCAM) is a membership-based corporation that provides technical assistance and advice to member municipalities and offers assistance to other fire and emergency medical service providers throughout Massachusetts.

Members of FCAM nationwide can look through all our FCAM Contracts with the option to choose what they need and purchase directly from the vendor at a deep discount. Contact Kelsi Champley or Marjorie Weinberger for more details!

FCAM Program Contracts

Aerial Apparatus

Contracts extended through December 31, 2020


Contracts extended through December 31, 2020

The Public Works and Public Safety Cooperative Purchasing Program is only one of many ways that MAPC can help protect your municipality through the right vehicles and gear.

Under this easy “shop and buy” program, communities with membership to the Greater Boston Police Council (GBPC) has the flexibility to purchase police cruisers, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, and public works construction equipment without having to worry about the expense, delays and complexities of obtaining it.

Through this purchasing program, MAPC advocates for member communities by handling the entire bidding process, manages the contracts and handles any problems with a purchase. Become a member today!


public works collective purchasing _gbpc

GBPC Program Contracts

Public Service Vehicles

Contracts extended until September 30, 2020

Aftermarket Equipment

Contracts extended until September 30, 2020

Medium & heavy duty trucks & equipment purchasing

Contracts extended until October 31, 2020

Street Sweepers & Equipment Purchasing

Current contract terms expire on January 25, 2021

Heavy and Medium Duty Public Works Construction Equipment

Current contract terms expire in June 2020.

MAPC works with several groups of public works departments

MAPC secures a variety of highway maintenance services to simplify the process, lower prices, and make for more manageable outcomes and better scheduling within the group.

MAPC coordinates the decision-making process, performs the procurements compliant with M.G.L. c.30, s.39M, and M.G.L. c. 30B, and serves as an advocate for the users whenever problems arise with contractors.

We offer a multitude of contracted services.

Roadway management
Surface sealing treatments
Crack filling (e.g. microsurfacing)
Street sweeping
Traffic markings
Earth materials
Catch basin cleaning
Tree services
Debris disposal
Street name signs and posts (furnish and install)
Trench patch repairs


MAPC is pleased to continue the Bicycle Parking Program eligible for all of MAPC’s 101 cities and towns.

This year, MAPC expanded the program by teaming up with 10 other regional planning agencies throughout Massachusetts, hoping to encourage communities to install bike racks in business districts and public buildings, where the bike-parking demand is greater than supply.

Key attributes of the 2018 program include:

  • Discounted pricing — typically 20-40 percent off our vendors' regular pricing.
  • Joint purchasing under M.G.L. c.30B by MAPC. Eligible communities simply sign on to our procurement to participate.
  • Full selection of eligible bike-parking equipment:
    • Inverted U racks in multiple styles
    • High-capacity racks that hold up to 14 bikes
    • Cycle stalls for in-street bicycle parking
    • Tool stands
    • Shelters and canopies
    • Stacked parking for tight areas
  • Equipment from Saris, Dero, and Creative Metalworks



Please contact David Loutzenheiser,



How to Participate

The following procedure must be followed to select and purchase racks that will be eligible for reimbursement through the program:

STEP 1: Subscription Form

To participate in the program, first complete and return the Bike Parking Subscription Form. The form must be signed by a person with contracting authority for your municipality. Please sign the form and email a scanned copy to the contact at the bottom of this page.

MAPC will send you confirmation after the subscription form is received. You may then begin to select bike parking equipment per the procedure outlined below.

STEP 2: Choose Bike Racks

MAPC has selected three vendors to offer bicycle racks for purchase through the program.  The vendors are Saris, Dero, and Creative Metalworks.

Only selected products from the MAPC-approved vendors are eligible through this program. Each vendor has supplied a price list of MAPC contract-pricing on selected products that are typically 20-40% off their respective list prices.



Creative Metalworks

For sales, contact:
Patrica Kapinos


For sales, contact:
David Boyce

For sales, contact:
Merrill Denney

*Contracts extended until December 31, 2019


STEP 3: Place Your Order

Once your order is approved by MAPC, place your order and arrange shipment directly with the vendor(s) of the particular product(s) that you wish to order. You must pay for the cost of the racks and shipping. You are responsible for installation of the purchased equipment.

The current program ends on December 31, 2019.

STEP 4: Reimbursement

No reimbursement is provided for the 2019 program.


As parking demands continue to grow, new technology for smart parking management becomes more and more essential. MAPC is at the forefront of helping municipalities obtain these new technology to make it easier for drivers to pay through coins, credit cards, and even their phones.


MAPC partnered with the Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies (MARPA) to conduct a joint procurement for parking payment systems, on behalf of municipalities across the Commonwealth. After approval from an exhaustive RFP process and independent evaluation committee, we have pre-selected vendors for single space meters, multi-space meters, and pay by phone systems. This eliminates the need for costly and time consuming municipal procurements while also ensuring top quality and a competitive price.

How to participate:

If you are interested in procuring Parking Meters, fill out a simple subscription form, downloadable here, and submit to Marjorie Weinberger.

If you are interested in procuring Mobile Parking, fill out a simple subscription form, downloadable here, and submit to Marjorie Weinberger.

Choose your vendor(s) and place your order, click here for their evaluations!

Parking meter contracts

Contracts Extended until December 31, 2019