School Food Purchasing

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MAPC is dedicated to lifting the administrative burden from municipalities to help them procure – and save on – a full range of apparatus, equipment, and services. MAPC’s procurement specialists make it easy to save time and money by offering various contracts for emergency vehicles, personal gear, and smarter parking equipment.

For additional information on any of MAPC's Collective Purchasing Programs or to discuss ideas for other regional procurements, please contact

  • Mark FineMAPC's Director of Municipal Collaboration at (617) 933-0789 or
  • Marjorie WeinbergerProcurement Services Manager/Senior Counsel at (617) 933-0724 or

Produce Contracts

For sales, contact:
Victor Moreira,
Lisa Russo,

Seafood contracts

For sales, contact:
Jamey Lionette,


For sales, contact:
Andrew Wilkinson,