Running down a dream: MA Mayors rally for transportation reform

On Monday, June 11–just weeks before the July 1 deadline for MBTA fare hikes and service cuts–mayors from across the state gathered at South Station to show their support for working together and finding a solution for the state’s transportation finance troubles. Watch our video of highlights from speakers at the Metro Mayors Transportation Summit […]

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Hubway in Boston – A big success!

Originally posted by Lisa Jacobsen on YPT Voice, the Young Professionals in Transportation blog.  Hubway, Boston’s almost one-year old bikeshare program, is all the buzz in Boston. Only 10 weeks after its launch last summer, it only took 10 weeks to hit 100,000 rides – and as of now – a quarter million rides. With 40 more […]

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Participants wanted: MAPC Basemap

Publishing geographic information and data online in form of interactive maps has become increasingly important for MAPC over the last few years. This spring we were working with cartographers from Axis Maps to design a MAPC Basemap that can be used as background map to provide basic orientation in the Metro Boston Area, but also […]

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