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VFW Parkway/Providence
Highway Corridor Action Plan

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Final Plan Published

December 2021

The VFW Parkway/Providence Highway Corridor Action Plan analyzes existing conditions along the automobile-centric corridor, assesses safety and operational problems, and makes long-term recommendations for improvements. The recommendations, if implemented, should result in benefits such as increased safety for all users, enhanced walking and biking accommodations, more efficient traffic operations, and reduced congestion.

Long-term improvements suggested by the study includes a redesigned four-lane roadway with a median and space for pedestrians and cyclists traveling in both directions. A street buffer with trees would separate people biking or walking from traffic lanes.

Short-term improvement concepts include adding more crosswalks, shortening crosswalk distances, creating space for walking and bicycling, installing accessible pedestrian signals, upgrading sidewalks and curb ramps, installing bike infrastructure, retiming traffic signals, and narrowing travel lanes.

Recommendations Overview (Slides)

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About the Project

The Providence Highway in Dedham and West Roxbury has almost no accommodations for pedestrians, bicyclists, or transit riders. To turn this car-centric corridor into a route for everyone, we need to reexamine the area and reenvision how it could meet the needs of local residents, local businesses, bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders, as well as motorists.

The corridor is 3.7 miles long, and the study evaluates the area between the intersection of Bridge Street, Spring Street, and VFW Parkway in Boston and the Marine Rotary at Washington Street in Dedham.

The Town of Dedham and the City of Boston launched a short- and long-term transportation action plan for this area in December 2020, concentrating on the roadway between the intersection of Spring Street and VFW Parkway in West Roxbury and the Marine Rotary at Washington Street in Dedham. The final plan was published in December 2021.

The corridor action plan evaluates the needs of all types of travelers, as well as those who live and work on the roadway. The plan includes  short- and long-term recommendations for improving safe access to shops, schools, nearby neighborhoods, transit, and recreational areasincluding the Charles River and Mother Brook, which is adjacent to the VFW Parkway and Providence Highway, but has few connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project Elements

Community Engagement

Community engagement is essential to identifying existing problems and creating solutions that respond to community needs.

Throughout the plan, we asked the public to participate in surveys and virtual forums to help us create a guiding vision, identify corridor needs, and react to draft recommendations.

Advisory Committee
Technical Analysis
Recommend Improvements

Past Events

June 30, 2021 Forum

At this meeting on June 30, 2021, participants viewed a presentation of our draft short- and long-term concepts for improving safe access to businesses, schools, nearby neighborhoods, transit, and recreational areas. After the presentation, they provided feedback during a facilitated Q&A. Click here to view the draft short- and long-term improvement concepts.

March 11, 2021: Kickoff Forum

At this kickoff meeting on Thursday, March 11, 2021, participants learned about the VFW Parkway/Providence Highway Corridor Action Plan, heard the results of an initial transportation analysis, and discussed existing conditions and needs in the corridor.