Medway Local Energy Action Plan

Medway Local Energy Action Plan


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Medway Local Energy Action Plan

In February 2012, MAPC selected the Town of Medway through a competitive application process, to participate in MAPC’s Local Energy Action Program (LEAP). Over a ten-month period, MAPC met with Town officials, including the Town Administrator, municipal staff, Medway Energy Committee, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders such as Columbia Gas, to understand the community’s priorities and interests in energy, sustainability, and community and economic development issues. These stakeholders were also represented on a Medway LEAP Working Group, which provided guidance and recommendations to MAPC during the development of the plan.

Using feedback from the Town and the LEAP Working Group, MAPC drafted the Energy Action Plan to provide guidance to the Town and its constituents on the steps Medway can take to continue its commitment to clean energy.

In Februrary/March 2013, the Medway Energy Committee and the Medway Board of Selectmen voted to approve the plan. MAPC is currently working with the the Town and local energy stakeholders to begin adopting the recommendations laid out in the Energy Plan.

Programs & Initiatives

Solarize Medway is a Town sponsored initiative that combines a community led grass roots educational effort with a group buying model to increase solar installations in Medway. 

For more information on thes programs, visit:

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Medway LEAP

The Medway Energy Action Plan outlines how the Town of Medway can achieve community-wide energy reductions. The purpose of this plan is to arm Medway with new energy goals and action strategies to advance the community’s clean energy efforts. While the plan focuses on specific guidance for the next five years, it is also designed to position the Town and its energy stakeholders to continue to work on energy issues indefinitely. The plan has three parts:

Part I

Medway Energy Profile:
This section provides an overview of Medway’s energy use, including a history of Medway’s past energy work and achievements and a profile of municipal, residential and commercial energy use.

Medway Energy Goals and Actions:
This section offers recommended energy goals and actions for the Town of Medway to expand its clean energy work. 

Part II

Energy Action Strategies:
The Energy Action Strategies presented in Part II are designed to help stakeholders design and implement recommended energy actions.

Part III


The Appendix includes information that was used to develop the Medway Energy Action Plan.