Ananth Udupa

Associate Arts and Culture Planner

Department: Arts & Culture


Ananth Udupa joined MAPC in 2023 as an Associate Arts and Culture Planner. As a part of the Arts and Culture team, he brings experience in arts-based research, architecture, climate justice, and arts education.

Before joining MAPC, Ananth worked as a teaching artist with ARCK Boston, a non-profit bringing arts education to underserved communities in the Boston Public School system. He specifically worked with Blackstone Elementary, located in the South End, with K-6th grade students on projects discussing identity, community, and action. The output of this work was an exhibition of cocreated artwork on student-chosen topics such as food waste, equitable car design, anti-bullying, and resilient lo-tek architecture.

Aside from his work as a teaching artist, Ananth is a dancer and designer with a bachelor’s degree in architectural studies from Arizona State University. He is interested in experimenting with how ethnic processes of making can be tools for codesigning creative, resilient, antiracist architecture centering communities of color. His undergraduate thesis investigated the translation of emotion-based movement, rooted in Bharatanatyam, into a healing green space in a community adversely impacted by socio-economic and heat stress in Maryvale, AZ. Ananth is also an Early Career Fellow for the Natura Network, Nature-based Solutions for Urban Resilience in the Anthropocene.

Areas of expertise: socially engaged art, qualitative research methods, arts-based workshop design, resilient architecture practices, urban heat island