Anne Herbst

Principal Environmental Planner

Department: Environment
Phone: 617-933-0781


Anne Herbst joined MAPC in 2016. She works on environmental planning projects, including climate adaptation and hazard mitigation.

Prior to joining MAPC, Anne Herbst worked for the Town of Hull as their Conservation Administrator. In addition to managing permitting and enforcement of the Wetlands Protection Act, Ms. Herbst led Hull’s climate resilience projects, planning, outreach, and regulatory programs. Hull’s climate adaptation programs were recognized as a “best practice” by FEMA and the EPA, and received an award from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for ”Excellence in Local Government.” Ms. Herbst also managed Hull’s Hazard Mitigation Planning and FEMA flood map review, and served on the Emergency Management team. She served as FEMA Community Rating System Coordinator and managed FEMA flood elevation grants for the Town. Her ecological projects included dune repair, and salt pond restoration via a tidegate expansion project and stormwater treatment. In 2014, Ms. Herbst served on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Coastal Erosion Commission.

Ms. Herbst has a Master in City Planning with a focus on Environmental Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. She is a member of the Boston Conservation Commission.

Areas of Expertise: Climate resilience, coastal hazards, floodplain management, wetlands protection, ecological restoration, hazard mitigation, emergency management, land conservation, municipal efficiency, grants management.