Brian Luther

Municipal Services Manager

Department: Municipal Collaboration
Phone: 617-933-0790


Brian Luther joined MAPC’s Municipal Collaboration Department in January 2020 as their Municipal Services Specialist. Brian works with municipal officials and staff on special projects, grants, studies, and cooperative purchases to increase efficiency, strengthen and expand municipal offerings, and better position the region to effectively address upcoming challenges. His experience and expertise span many municipal functions including public procurement, finance, health, public works, public safety, information technology, solid waste, and human resources.

Before joining MAPC, Brian was a Program Manager at the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) in Hartford, Connecticut. As part of the CRCOG Municipal Services Department, he supported local municipalities by creating and maintaining a variety of regional assets. Brian was integral to the start of the CRCOG Cybersecurity Initiative and the creation of the Region 3 Cybersecurity Task Force. He expanded and maintained regional resources like the Nutmeg Human Resources Portal, CT Municipal Data Salary Survey, and the Crumbling Foundations Testing Reimbursement Program. Brian was also the Administrator for the Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority and the CRCOG IT Services Cooperative Purchasing Program.

Brian received his Master of Public Administration from the University of Connecticut in 2017. In his undergraduate studies, he received a B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration with a minor in Business Management from Rhode Island College in 2014.