Kit Un

Digital Media Designer

Department: Communications
Phone: 617-933-0754


Kit joined MAPC’s Communications department as a co-op student in the Summer of 2017 and has since stayed with MAPC as the department’s Digital Media and Design Part-Time employee. She transitioning into her current full-time position as the agency’s Digital Media Designer in Fall 2018 . She oversees and manages the agency’s overall visual messaging, creating and branding projects from the ground up. She uses her knowledge and creativity to communicate ideas through text and image, utilizing her understanding of design, layout, color, and typography to implement successful multimedia communication, and more importantly provide quality art and creative direction in both physical and onsite digital experiences.

Prior to joining MAPC in July 2017, Kit did administrative work as an Office Assistant at Northeastern’s Student Employment Office. In 2016, she interned at Massachusetts Financial Services (MFS) in Boston for six months as a Corporate Communications Co-op; working directly with members of the internal communications team on implementing key internal projects and maintaining the intranet homepage. In this role, she also worked closely with the design team to ensure that internal branding was on par with the company’s marketing message. Kit was also part of the Boston Children Museum’s outreach team for two years as a Teen Ambassador.

Kit received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree from Northeastern University in May 2018. She double majored in Communications and in Graphic and Information Design.

Areas of expertise: design, typography, iconology, visual messaging, brand understanding, social media strategy, web design/site redesign, content management, web communications, public engagement and event planning