Mallory Nezam

Arts & Culture Fellow

Department: Arts & Culture
Phone: 617-933-0261


Mallory Nezam joined MAPC in September 2017 as an Arts and Culture Fellow. At MAPC, Mallory supports the Arts and Culture Department by building on and creating new content for the Arts and Planning Toolkit that is used to implement creative placemaking for MAPC’s 101 municipalities.

Nezam previously worked with Transportation for America (T4A) as an Arts and Culture Outreach Associate. Through this program funded by Smart Growth America, Mallory co-wrote a national field scan on arts, culture and transportation that was commissioned by ArtPlace America; and managed a technical assistance program, called the Cultural Corridor Consortium to integrate art and transportation. Mallory also has experience in digital marketing and content strategy. She specialized in creating unique content for businesses and non-profits of all industries, and spearheaded one company’s guerrilla marketing efforts.

Mallory is a nationally-recognized artist through her work in socially-engaged art in public spaces. She is the Founding Director of STL Improv Anywhere, speaks regularly about creative placemaking and her art practice, and is a TEDx speaker.

She is currently pursuing her Masters of Design in Arts, Design and the Public Domain at Harvard University.

Expertise: Creative Placemaking, creative community development, communications