Mark Racicot

Land Use Planning Director

Department: Land Use
Phone: 617-933-0752


Mark Racicot, Manager of the Land Use Division, has worked at MAPC since 1996. He supervises an interdisciplinary team of professional planners and collaborates with other MAPC divisions to undertake a wide range of planning work throughout the region.

Mr. Racicot supervises staff planners, manages budgets and grant reports, provides technical advice and participates as a professional planner in a wide range of land use planning projects with MAPC communities. He leads the District Local Technical Assistance program (DLTA), a state-funded initiative which enables regional planning agencies to undertake planning work with municipalities. Over the past five years, DLTA has funded dozens of projects ranging from housing planning, downtown mixed use zoning, open space planning, industrial zoning re-writes, energy analyses and inter-municipal services delivery. Additionally, Mr. Racicot is the main point of contact with the state and the MAPC staff lead on implementing the South Coast Rail Corridor Plan. He also supervises the land use planning projects under MAPC’s federally funded Sustainable Communities program.

Mr. Racicot has led a number of zoning projects at the local level, including mixed-use zoning overlays for the Towns of Stoughton and Bedford, village center mixed use and industrial district zoning for the Town of Millis, and agricultural preservation/open space protection zoning for the Town of Littleton.

In addition to zoning, Mr. Racicot has led a range of other local planning projects. He worked with other MAPC staff to create a build-out analysis technique that was selected by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs for use in a state-wide planning effort. He subsequently supervised the Executive Order 418 Community Development Planning work for the MAPC region, where staff prepared plans for more than 20 communities, and managed contractual arrangements for planning consultants undertaking work for more than 50 other MAPC municipalities. He has a past history and strong interest in open space preservation.

Prior to working for MAPC, Mr. Racicot spent 10 years as Executive Director of two non-profit conservation land trusts in Massachusetts and New York, as well as 6 years as a land acquisition planner for a county park system in Illinois.

Mr. Racicot holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Tufts University and a master’s degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He is a member of the American Planning Association.

Areas of Expertise: Project management, community visioning, meeting facilitation, municipal zoning, open space protection and management.