Molly Shea

Senior Environmental Planner

Department: Environment


Molly Shea joined MAPC in 2023 as a Senior Environmental Planner. In her role, Molly supports communities in their planning for hazard mitigation and climate resiliency initiatives; and aims to engage a diverse range of community representatives in the process. She provides support and technical assistance on local and regional projects related to the protection and sustainable management of natural resources including the improvement and implementation of local bylaws and policies that promote equity and community resilience in the face of environmental challenges.

Before joining MAPC, Molly worked in both the public and private sector on environmental permitting and development projects. As a Senior Environmental Planner for Snohomish County in Washington State, she conducted regulatory and permitting review for projects subject to environmental compliance with regards to wetlands, rivers and shorelines, flood-prone areas, forestry, and wildlife habitats. This work often involved coordination with state, federal, and tribal entities as well as individual landowners and municipal departments. In addition to her regulatory work during her time at Snohomish County, she was a key player in the execution of the Planning and Development department’s transition to entirely paperless permit submittal and digital project review.

Most recently, Molly acted as the Open Space Project Manager for the town of Ipswich where she coordinated with landowners, non-profit organizations, municipal staff, and local boards and committees to conserve valuable open space properties, ensure continued protection of land and resources, and develop strategies for public access to conservation land.

Molly holds a Master of Science in Geological Sciences from The University of Connecticut and is a graduate of St. Lawrence University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and Geology. Her focus during her time in academia was how sedimentological and bio-chemical processes in modern environments may help us better understand the past, and potentially the future.
Molly is currently a member of the Lynde Point Land Trust in Old Saybrook, CT and previously served on the Topsfield Conservation Commission.

Areas of Expertise: Environmental regulations, land use planning, permit processes, municipal zoning, and land conservation.