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Metropolitan Mayors Coalition


Smart Growth & Regional Collaboration

The Metropolitan Mayors Coalition is a group of cities and towns in the urban core of Metro Boston whose leaders gather to exchange information and create solutions for common problems.

The municipal officials in this group represent more than 1.4 million residents in the cities and towns of Arlington, Boston, Braintree, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Newton, Quincy, Revere, Somerville, and Winthrop.


MAPC helped to establish the Metro Mayors Coalition in 2001 and provides staff support and policy expertise to this group.

The Metro Mayors Coalition develops an agenda and action plan focused on the key issues affecting urban core communities. The Coalition promotes regional, collaborative approaches and utilizes a wide range of methods to achieve its objectives, including establishing working groups and task forces; issuing reports; drafting and advocating for legislation; applying together as a region for state and federal grants; and pursuing cooperative projects that achieve important cost savings and efficiencies.


For more information about the Metro Mayors Coalition, contact Government Affairs Manager Lizzi Weyant at 617-933-0703 or


In May 2015, the Metro Mayors Coalition convened to sign a historic Climate Preparedness Commitment. The mayors and managers pledged to work together to prepare the region for climate change and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As part of the summit, the Coalition also launched an ongoing task force to guide collaborative efforts that address vulnerabilities in the region’s communities and shared infrastructure. In 2016, the Taskforce communities signed a second agreement, this time focused on Climate Mitigation. Inspired by the Paris Climate Accord, the mayors and managers agreed that by 2050, the region would be net zero, and outlined a menu of mitigation options each municipality could undertake in order to advance toward this goal.

The Metro Mayors Climate Taskforce coordinates a regional and cross-governmental effort to protect critical infrastructure and other vital resources and systems. The Taskforce makes policy recommendations and sets regional priorities based on the goals outlined in the Climate Preparedness and Mitigation Commitments.

Opioid Working Group

The Coalition’s work addressing the rise of opiate misuse in communities was spearheaded by a combination of constituents’ requests to take action at the local level and interest in understanding best practices for improving response, recovery and prevention efforts. These requests prompted the Metro Mayors Coalition to host a forum on the opioid epidemic in May 2017. From that event and subsequent interviews with key municipal public health officials from the Coalition’s cities and towns, strategic policy and project areas were recommended for further work, which remains ongoing.

Opioid report

Regional Housing Partnership

In December 2017, the Metro Mayors Coalition announced the creation of a Regional Housing Partnership to address the serious housing needs of the Metro Boston Area. In October 2018, the mayors and managers of the Metro Mayors Coalition announced a landmark housing production goal: 185,000 new units by 2030 in their 15 communities. In a compact and at the press conference, the mayors and town managers stressed the importance of building a diversity of housing types and stresses the importance of providing housing for vulnerable residents, including people with disabilities and low- and moderate-income households. Led by 10 guiding principles for housing creation and a housing strategies toolkit with over 100 strategies, the goal of the partnership is to work together to increase housing stability for all of the region’s residents.

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Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine


Mayor Michelle Wu


Mayor Charles C. Kokoros


Town Administrator Mel Kleckner


City Manager Louis A. DePasquale


City Manager Thomas Ambrosino (Chair)


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Interim Town Manager Terence Delehanty