Economic Development

Economic Development

Top view of Boston, Massachusetts | Photo Credit: AdobeStock_140229674

Economic Development

MAPC’s Economic Development Team delivers research and economic analyses, data support, convening assistance, and other technical assistance to  advance economic development.

We help cities and towns with policies, programs, and project support that help the community grow and and nurture its economic base through working across the full range of economic development issues – economic development land use planning, analyzing economic development market potential, industry sector analysis and planning, placemaking to create healthy and vibrant commercial and industrial districts, small business retention and growth, and workforce development. 


Angela Brown
Chief of Economic Development

Our Technical Assistance

Leverage Technical Assistance Funding to Advance Local Economic Development  Aims!

Technical Assistance Program (TAP)
The MAPC Technical Assistance Program (TAP) is continually accepting project concepts including for economic development project engagements. The program provides funding for technical assistance and can serve as a vehicle to identify projects that resonate with community needs.

MAPC Economic Development Department
In other cases, the Economic Development Department provides technical assistance on a fee-for-service basis. You can contract simply and directly with MAPC. MGL Chapter 30B Sections 1 (b)(3) and (b)(9) exempt municipalities from having to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) when working directly with MAPC. 

A sampling of the Department's work with local municipal partners is as follows. Municipalities interested in engaging these or related services should contact Angela Brown ( to arrange a discussion of potential TAP projects.   

Crafting Economic Development Plans

MAPC helps the municipality prepare an economic development vision or plan, incorporating stakeholder engagement, asset identification, and growth strategy formulation. While tailored to local needs, these engagements can include: 

  • Engaging diverse stakeholders to ensure all voices are heard and considered  
  • Leveraging the community’s economic strengths to drive sustainable growth  
  • Promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and workforce development  
Empowering Entrepreneurs to Grow their Businesses
Advancing Downtown Revitalization
Leveraging Data Insights to Track Progress
Advancing Industrial Growth and Preservation
Aligning Land Use Regulations
Workforce Development Strategies

Our Work

Building a more resilient economy in our region. The MAPC Economic Development team is focused on advancing an equitable economic recovery and building economic resilience.

In partnership with leaders in government, the private sector, non-profit organizations and academic institutions, the team is committed to providing comprehensive plans and capacity-building support based on up-to-date research.

Together, we’re working to ensure that the recovery from COVID-19 and enhancing the quality of life in places addresses underlying causes of inequality and underinvestment and builds the ability of individuals, communities, and the region as a whole to respond to future economic disruptions.

A view from somewhere high up looking over the city of Boston.

Icon of three city buildings next to each other. Advancing industrial growth and preservation

Industrial districts and business parks housing industrial firms create and preserve jobs and job access, and, in many instances, provide opportunities for job seekers who for a variety of reasons do not have a college degree.

A road with hashtags in the center. Align Land Use Regulations

The MAPC Economic Development Team is a vital resource for municipalities in the region looking to align their land use regulations with an economic development plan.

A chart with an arrow going up and to the right on the chart. Economic Development Planning

Our team digs into your community’s demographic and economic trends, current business landscape, and current practices to improve economic development in your community. 

Icon of a small house. Small Business Support Plans

Our team can help you understand the needs of small businesses in your community through a deep dive into existing conditions and interviewing/surveying small business owners. 

Aerial view of historic commercial buildings in Melrose, MA.
Historic Commercial Buildings on Main Street, Melrose, MA | AdobeStock_632217160

Economic Development Strategy

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
Our initiatives are steered by the 2020-2025 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). This strategic document functions as the cornerstone for regional economic recovery efforts, emphasizing the enhancement of racial equity, economic resilience, and climate adaptability across our communities.

Commencing in Summer 2024, CEDS will receive an assessment and update with a new five-year plan scheduled for release in 2025. This revision will aim to reflect the latest economic conditions, trends, and innovative practices, ensuring our strategy remains responsive and effective in promoting equitable growth and resilience across the region.

The MAPC Economic Development District (EDD)
Empowering Regional Prosperity through Strategic Economic Services
MAPC serves as the designated Economic Development District (EDD) for our region, a title conferred by the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA). In this pivotal role, we are dedicated to championing the economic vitality of our communities by facilitating access to EDA funding for a spectrum of transformative projects. From infrastructure enhancements to innovative economic initiatives, our aim is to catalyze growth that benefits all. 

To support potential partners in leveraging these opportunities, MAPC offers comprehensive technical assistance designed to simplify the application process for grants like the Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance (PWEAA). Whether you’re a municipality, nonprofit organization, or another public entity seeking to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities, MAPC can be your partner in this endeavor. Projects should align with EDA's Investment Priorities: Equity, Recovery & Resilience, Workforce Development, Manufacturing, Technology-Based Economic Development, Environmentally-Sustainable Development, and the enhancement of Exports & Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). By leveraging our technical assistance services, you can enhance your application’s effectiveness and bring transformative projects to fruition. 

To Discuss Your Project and How We Can Assist:
Please contact Raúl González (, and let’s explore how we can work together to achieve your economic development objectives.

To learn more about EDA funding programs, go to: 

Our Projects

Below is a sample of MAPC’s community and economic development work in cities and towns across the Commonwealth.

For more, please visit ourPublications Library. For questions about individual plans or work that hasn’t been listed, please contact Chief of Economic Development, Angela Brown, 

Federal Recovery Resources

Economic Competitiveness and Recovery

Small Business Support, Job Creation, and Entrepreneurship