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Digital Tools


Promoting Smart Growth & Regional Planning

Innovation and technology development for data-driven decisions across our region.

The Digital Services Group at MAPC is the first in-house digital team housed within a regional planning agency in the nation. Our innovative team supports MAPC departments and municipal partners by designing and building digital tools to conduct more effective, efficient, and equitable planning and governance.

We take an open, equitable, and data-driven approach to everything we do, and focus on products that can have direct application in decision-making processes. Our human-centered design methods produce technology to make complex information understandable and accessible to a wide variety of audiences.

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General Questions?

For more information about MAPC's digital services work, contact MAPC Digital Services Manager, Alicia Rouault at 617-933-0768 or

Open Source Contributions

Want to contribute to our open source projects? Visit our codebase here:



Connecting Boston's youth to summer jobs


In 2015, a team of government data and technology experts from MAPC and the City of Boston formed the Boston branch of the Civic Tech Data Collaborative (CTDC) to tackle the design of a more accessible youth employment system. The result is an open source Youth Jobs Platform that has already had measurable impact on Boston’s youth employment experience.

Developed by Digital Services with the City of Boston Division of Youth Employment and Engagement


Local Energy Action Dashboard

How much energy does your community consume?


Explore and download energy, emissions, and cost estimates for your community's residential, commercial, and industrial sectors across Massachusetts.Developed by Digital Services and the Clean Energy Department


Fix Our Pipes Report

Explore an interactive report on natural gas leaks


Natural gas leaks requires better coordination between utility companies and municipalities during street construction.

Developed by Digital Services, the Clean Energy Department and advocacy organization, HEET



Keep Cool

Find locations for keeping cool in hot summer months across Massachusetts.

Learn about climate change and the impact of heat-related events on residents.

Developed by Digital Services on behalf of the Metro Mayor's Coalition Task Force on Climate Change


My School Commute Survey Tool

Collect and measure school commute choices for MassDOT's Safe Routes to School Program

Visit the Safe Routes to School Survey Tool

MAPC developed a survey platform for measuring mode choice of families who travel to and from schools. The tool helps MassRIDES measure and evaluate the impact of Safe Routes to School interventions.

Developed by Digital Services and MassDOT



Explore real estate development across the Commonwealth


Developed by Digital Services and the Research Working Group with support from the Barr Foundation



Trail Map

Explore a comprehensive network of foot trails and bike paths across Massachusetts.

Visit Trail Map

Developed by Digital Services, Susan Brunton, MAPC's Geodatabase Administrator, and the Transportation Department



KnowPlace (beta)

A prototype tool for finding and downloading neighborhood data without an expert. 


Funded by the Knight Foundation Prototype Grant


T-Station Info

Explore in-depth transportation oriented development (TOD) data across Metro Boston

Visit T-Station.Info


Housing MA

Generate comprehensive housing data and automated reports for every Massachusetts municipality.


For questions about MAPC's Digital work, contact  Alicia Rouault.