Clean Energy


Smart Growth & Regional Collaboration

MAPC's Clean Energy Department provides a range of services to communities, including comprehensive local energy and climate planning, energy-related technical assistance, and collective clean energy services and products procurement.

Our goal is to advance markets for clean technologies and innovations throughout communities in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuel consumption in the Commonwealth.

“Clean energy” comprises renewable energy, which comes from renewable or non-carbon resources, and energy efficiency measures. Our Clean Energy department works on a variety of related projects: from advancing renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind, to educating cities and towns about energy-use reduction strategies for municipal facilities, to organizing group procurements of LED streetlights and clean vehicle technologies. Implementing clean energy is all about reducing fuel usage, whether by introducing completely carbon-free technologies or by reducing the amount of energy everyday systems use.

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Municipal and Community Partnership Strategy: Mass Save seeks municipal partners to reach underserved groups

MassSave announced a new opportunity for municipalities and community organizations to expand access to energy efficiency at the local level. Participating communities will receive access to start-up funds ($2,000), technical support, marketing materials, and will be eligible for a performance bonus of $3,000-$23,000. Statements of interest are due to the Program Administrators by 10/30/19 and Applications are due by 11/6/19.

If your municipality is interested in exploring and/or applying to participate in the Municipal Partnership, please let MAPC know as soon as possible (no later than October 28) – we may be able to provide limited technical assistance to support your work. Email Brooks Winner to see how MAPC can help.

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Local Energy & Climate Planning:

Our team helps municipalities plan for the future with climate and energy action plans, from net zero plans to local energy action plans and greenhouse gas inventories. We support communities in understanding and managing their energy use through developing current baselines, proper metrics and accounting methodologies, short- and long-term goals, and strategies for reaching their objectives. Learn More...

Smart Cities & Towns Technical Assistance:

Our team helps connect cities and towns to climate-smart innovations that create a multi-benefit platform for data management, energy efficiency, green municipal aggregation, municipal and community shared solar, energy storage and resiliency, and more. Learn More...

Collective Procurement:

Our team leverages economies of scale and shifts the burdens of administration and technical expertise from the municipality to MAPC. Our collective procurements streamline the competitive procurement process cities and towns need to undertake to purchase clean energy products and services. Learn More...

Legislation and Policy:

MAPC closely follows climate legislation and regulation at the state, regional, and federal levels. Learn more about MAPC’s current and past policy and legislative work.

MAPC offers several easy ways to get involved right now in our clean energy work:

  • Tune into our Codes for Climate webinar on Thursday, October 17, from 1:30-2:30 PM. On the webinar, you will learn about the energy code proposals and how to prepare for the upcoming online vote on the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Register here.
  • Apply to participate in MassSave's new Municipal Partnership opportunity and expand access to energy efficiency at the local level. Statements of interest are due 10/30/19 and applications are due 11/6/19. Learn more. Contact Brooks Winner to see how MAPC can help.
  • Read our new white paper, Hot, Clean, Cool: Clean Heating and Cooling Opportunities for Massachusetts Municipalities. Available here.
  • Check out our new Climate Zoning webpage and stay tuned for more resources!

Municipal Clean Energy Toolkits

MAPC's toolkits offer step-by-step instructions for implementing local clean energy strategies that are specific to communities in Massachusetts, as well as best practices, model documents, and case studies. See a full list of toolkits and other publications from our department.



If you have questions or comments about MAPC's clean energy services or would like to be added to the vendor notification list for solicitations, contact Clean Energy DirectorCammy Peterson.