Clean Vehicle Projects


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Clean Vehicle Projects

Over 40 percent of the Commonwealth’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. Municipalities could help reduce these emissions and save money by greening their municipal vehicles through the use of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations, idle reduction technology, and aftermarket conversion technology.

MAPC understands that, for fleet managers and public works directors, finding time to navigate the clean vehicle technology marketplace can be cumbersome. MAPC’s clean vehicle work aims to connect municipalities to existing opportunities and provide fleet managers and public works departments with the support needed to understand how clean fuel vehicles can best fit into their fleets.


New! Green Mobility Group Purchasing Program

Through the Green Mobility Group Purchasing Program, MAPC is working with cities and towns to identify opportunities to retrofit existing fleet vehicles, up-fit new purchases, or implement clean fuel conversions.

MAPC handles the paperwork of packaging the vehicles with the most municipal demand into Requests for Quotes from vendors on the Statewide Contract, VEH102, to obtain the best prices vendors can offer.

By participating, cities and towns will reduce the time investment needed to purchase clean vehicle technologies and get the best prices from vendors by buying in bulk.

Learn more about the Housing Production Plan process here.

The Green Mobility Group Purchasing Program is a part of the nationwide Fleets for the Future project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.


Download the program summary to learn more about the Green Mobility Group Purchasing Program. You can also watch a recording of the webinar MAPC hosted on February 14, 2017, to launch the program.

MAPC is currently collecting letters of interest to participate in a group purchase of retrofit and/or up-fit technology to convert standard internal combustion engine vehicles to alternative fuels.

Interested parties should submit letters of interest and completed vehicle interest lists to as soon as possible to participate in the first round of the program (Summer 2017).

Download the template Letter of Interest (DOC), and Municipal Vehicle Interest List (EXCEL) to get involved in this ongoing project.

Statewide Contract for Advanced Vehicle Technology

In 2016, MAPC partnered with the Massachusetts Operational Services Division (OSD) and Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to develop a statewide contract for advanced vehicle technologies.

The contract, VEH102, is now available for use by all public entities in Massachusetts and nationwide. Download the program summary to learn more.

There are three service categories covered by this statewide contract:

  1. Electric vehicle supply equipment – e.g. charging stations
  2. Idle reduction technology
  3. Aftermarket conversion technology

Using the state’s online procurement system, COMMBUYS, cities and towns can access the products and services provided by the selected vendors in each category and request quotes. The statewide contract provides convenience and easy access by eliminating the need to carry out a procurement independently for advanced vehicle technology.

Nationwide Fleets for the Future Project – 2016-2018

MAPC is one of five regional councils participating in the nationwide partnership with the National Association of Regional Councils as a part of the Fleets for the Future project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Fleets for the Future is a two year grant funded project supporting the development of a national procurement and five regional procurements to accelerate the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles by reducing their incremental costs and building fleet capacity to plan procurements. Alternative fuels in consideration under this project include propane, electric, and natural gas vehicles and infrastructure.

As a part of the Fleets for the Future project, the team’s technical advisers developed four Best Practice documents to provide guidance on procurement strategies and policies.


For more information on our clean vehicle projects, contact MAPC's Clean Energy Analyst, Megan Aki at 617-933-0795 or