Data Services


Smart Growth & Regional Collaboration

Data Services uses data and technology to support informed decision-making across the Metro Boston region.

We advocate for the collection and dissemination of accurate data about the region and the Commonwealth. Our staff members include GIS analysts, web mapping experts, regional planners, and researchers. Our customers include other MAPC departments, municipalities, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations.


For more information about Data Services, contact Data Services Director, Tim Reardon at


Mapping & Data Analysis

The Analytical Services Group delivers maps, action-oriented analysis, and data to support local and regional planning. We serve as a resource for other MAPC departments seeking data and mapping for support in their projects; and we respond to data requests from municipalities and other external clients in search of information about the region. By drawing on our extensive in-house data resources and extensive capacity with mapping and analysis, we are able to quickly provide insight on nearly any topic. Learn more here or contact our Analytical Services Manager, Lily Perkins-High.


Digital Services

Digital Services helps other MAPC departments and municipal partners to use digital tools to conduct more effective, efficient, and equitable planning and governance. We do this by designing, building, and procuring tools and services on the cutting edge of digital technology. We take an open, equitable, and data-driven approach to everything we do, and focus on products that can have direct application in decision-making processes. Our human-centered design methods produce digital tools that make complex information understandable and accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Learn more here or contact our Digital Services Manager, Stephen Larrick.


Research & Analysis

The Research Group creates new data resources and conducts original analysis to provide insight on the past, present, and future of Metro Boston. We cultivate new datasets by mining administrative records, compiling on-line sources, or crowd-sourcing information from community partners. Our demographic and land use projections serve as the foundation for a wide variety of planning and policy activities; and our original research on demographic, economic, and housing trends helps planners and policymakers make informed decisions about the future of the region. We also help MAPC to monitor progress toward the goals of the MetroFuture through our Regional Indicators program. Learn more here or contact our Research Manager, Jessie Partridge Guerrero.

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