MAPC Publications

MAPC Publications

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MAPC Publications

Over the years, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) has produced a tremendous amount of diverse publications, from case studies, research reports, visioning projects, and much more. Many of you have requested a central "library" on our website where you can find every publication. We heard you, and we are working to create this central library. It's a work in progress, so we appreciate your patience, and encourage you to check back often as we will continuously be adding our publications to this page.

MAPC is a government research organization.  It’s many research studies and publications are widely relied upon by lawmakers and other research organizations.

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2024 Publications

An Update on Housing Production's Affect on Public School Enrollment

Published February 2024

Figure 1. School Enrollment in Massachusetts by year, 2005/2006 through 2019/2020. A bar graph showing the various levels of enrollment.
Language Access Guide for Municipalities

Published February 2024

A sign that has the word "Welcome" on it in different languages. Words to the right of the sign say, "Language Access". The background color of the entire image is a light blue.

2023 Publications

Land, Economy, and Opportunity: Industrial Land Supply and Demand in Greater Boston

Published February 2023

White text over a dark blue background says, "Metropolitan Area Planning Council. Land, Economy, Opportunity: Industrial Land Supply and Demand in Greater Boston. February 2023.
Water, Water, Everywhere: The Increasing Threat of Stormwater Flooding in Greater Boston

Published May 2023

Image is decorative. A silhouette of downtown buildings with aqua into brown and gray shading underneath the buildings.
Perfect Fit Parking Research: Phase 4 Update

Published July 2023

A parking lot with vehicles parked in it with some open parking spaces. Text says, "Perfect Fit Parking". "Improving the Way Developers and Planners Assess Parking Demand."
Homes for Profit: Speculation and Investment in Greater Boston

Published November 2023

Background image is of homes in the Boston area. Light blue words on a dark blue background say, "Homes for Profit: Speculation and Investment in Greater Boston." In smaller white letters text says, "Our new research found one in every five homes sold to an investor from 2004 to 2018."

Publications Archive

2022 Publications

Rethinking the Retail Strip
Published January 2022
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From App to Table: Rapid Food Deliveries in Massachusetts
Published December 2022
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2021 Publications

The Impacts of Land Use and Pricing in Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled and Transport Emissions in Massachusetts
Published January 2021
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Research: Hidden in Plain Sight - Impacts of E-Commerce in Massachusetts
Published February 2021
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2020 Publications

Crowded In and Priced Out: Why it's So Hard to Find a Family-sized Unit in Greater Boston
Published February 2020
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COVID-19 Layoff Housing Gap
Published April - October 2020
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Racial Disparities in the Proximity to Vehicle Air Pollution in the MAPC Region
Published May 2020
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The Diversity Deficit: Municipal Employees in Metro Boston
Published July 2020
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Evictions and COVID-19: The Responsibility of the Large Landlord
Published December 2020
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Introduction to the Zoning Atlas
Published December 2020
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Before 2020 Publications

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