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LED Streetlight retrofits

Grant Funds 30% of the Cost of LED Retrofit

Through MAPC, you can access one-time Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) grant funding for 30% of the cost of LED streetlight materials and installation – and get the convenience and peace of mind of collective purchasing.

To be eligible, your city or town must already own its existing streetlights, and commit to OR have completed a streetlight audit.

Learn more by downloading this overview flyer or contacting Cara Goodman at or 617-933-0715. You can also watch our kick-off webinar with lots of details about the program, case studies of two municipalities, and tips from the utilities on incentives.

Grant Basics

Download the MAPC-DOER Contract for LED Streetlight Rapid Retrofit program here.

Grant Basics

The portion of project costs that will be covered by the DOER grant are equal to thirty percent (30%) of total material and labor costs for cobrahead streetlight conversions. This grant is distributed as a reimbursement and is calculated after utility incentives are subtracted from total project cost.

First, MAPC calculates the total retrofit cost, energy and cost savings, utility incentive and total DOER grant amount using a retrofit calculator. Then, MAPC and the municipality sign a Memorandum of Understanding that will officially reserve the grant funds until the streetlight retrofit is complete. The MOU also commits the municipality to meeting certain milestones of progress on the project.

Next steps are to complete a streetlight audit/design and obtain a project management service, which MAPC can facilitate by issuing a request for proposals (RFP). Once baseline streetlight data has been established, MAPC administers a bid solicitation using FAC100 Category 2 for competitive material pricing. Additionally, MAPC will facilitate a bid solicitation using MGL c.30 section 39M for the installation services of the streetlight retrofit. The selected project manager will oversee the installation of the streetlights.

Eligibility for Grant

In order to be eligible for the DOER grant, participating municipalities must own their streetlights OR have a purchase price from the utility AND have funds appropriated to make the purchase.

If streetlights are not owned, M.G.L. Chapter 164 Section 34A allows municipalities to purchase streetlights from their utility. The average time to buy back streetlights from utility is 6 months.

Services Provided by MAPC through Grant

MAPC provides the services for the collective procurements of materials and installation. If you are participating in the DOER grant program, it is a requirement that MAPC facilitate these solicitations.

MAPC is not required to procure the audit, design, and project management services, although we can assist with this process if needed. We routinely have group procurements for the audit, design and project management services, which can help your city or town leverage better pricing.

Open Solicitations for Grant

For open solicitations, please see MAPC’s Legal Notices web page.

Grant Updates & Disbursement

After design is finalized and unit prices are known for material and installation, download the Grant Reservation Update Form (v.7/08/2019), follow directions to complete Table 1, and submit to

After installation is complete, download the Grant Reservation Update Form (v.7/08/2019), follow directions for Table 2A and 2B, and submit to Once both MAPC and the City/Town agree the data is complete and accurate, the City/Town will print and sign the Tables. MAPC will then disburse funding as soon as possible.

MAPC LED Procurement Experience

Since 2013, MAPC has developed and managed procurements to help municipalities obtain the necessary goods and services to retrofit their streetlights. MAPC’s collective procurements helped reduce cost and accelerate retrofit timelines for over 30 municipalities with a cumulative 60,000 streetlights.

As grant administrator for the DOER’s Rapid Retrofit LED Streetlight program, MAPC is working with over 45 municipalities (served by investor owned utilities) to retrofit more than 75,000 streetlights.


Buy Back Streetlights from Utility

This topic is useful as the first step (unless you already own your streetlights) in reducing energy use through a streetlight retrofit.

Plan for Municipal Retrofit Projects

This topic details the steps and information required to evaluate and plan for a retrofit project.

Retrofit Streetlights with LEDs

This topic outlines all of the steps in a retrofit project including scope of work development, lighting design and fixture selection, implementation, procurement, and financing.

EMS 1 - Arlington, Chelsea, Woburn & Natick (Won by Siemens)

EMS 2 - Somerville, Sharon & Winchester (Won by Tanko Lighting)

EMS 3 - Beverly, Gloucester, Hamilton, Melrose, Northampton, Salem, Swampscott, Wenham & Winthrop (Won by Siemens)

EMS 4 - Hopkinton, Lowell, Malden, Millis & Sudbury (Won by Tanko Lighting)

Bid Consultant - Chicopee (Kauffman Consultants)

Designer - Westfield (Tanko Lighting)

Designer 01 - Brockton (Won by RealTerm Energy)

Designer 02 & 03 - Andover, Boston, Everett, Leominster, Warren, Watertown & Wayland (Won by Tanko Lighting)

MAPC-DOER-01: Streetlight Installation - Burlington (Won by Coviello)

MAPC-DOER-02: Streetlight Installation - Brockton (Won by Dagle)

MAPC-DOER-03: Designer - Clinton, Dalton, Dracut, Erving, Franklin, Ware, Weymouth (Won by Tanko Lighting)

MAPC-DOER-04: Wireless Controls - Leominster (Won by Echelon)

MAPC-DOER-05: Streetlight Installation - Leominster & Andover (Won by Siemens)

MAPC-DOER-06: Wireless Controls - Brockton (Won by CIMCON Lighting)

MAPC-DOER-07: Designer Gardner, Hanover, Manchester-by-the-Sea, North Andover, Northbridge, Webster & Westport (Won by Tanko Lighting)

MAPC-DOER-08: Installation – Ayer, Beverly, Holbrook, Rockland, Wayland & Winchendon (Won by Dagle Electric)

MAPC-DOER-09: Wireless Controls - Ayer (Won by CIMCON Lighting)

MAPC-DOER-10: Designer – Amesbury, Auburn, Haverhill, Tewksbury, Tyngsborough (Won by RealTerm Energy)

MAPC-DOER-11: Designer – Statewide (Won by LightSmart Consulting, RealTerm Energy, Tanko Lighting & TEN Connected Solutions)

MAPC-DOER-12: Wireless Controls – Statewide (Won by CIMCON Lighting, Echelon, Fred Davis Corp with Silver Springs, Philips & Verizon)

MAPC-DOER-13: Wireless Controls – Dracut (Won by CIMCON Lighting)

MAPC-DOER-14: Streetlight Installation – Dracut, Erving, Gardner & Webster (Won by Dagle Electric)

MAPC-DOER-15: Streetlight Installation – Franklin, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Medfield, Medford & Ware (Won by Pine Ridge)

MAPC-DOER-16: Streetlight Installation – Clinton, Dudley & North Andover (Won by Coviello Electric)

MAPC-DOER-17: Streetlight Installation – Dalton, Pittsfield, Sunderland & Williamsburg (Won by Pine Ridge)

MAPC-DOER-18: Streetlight Installation – Weymouth (Won by Coviello Electric)

MAPC-DOER-19: Streetlight Installation – Needham, Hanover, Marion and Northbridge (Won by Dagle Electric)

MAPC-DOER-20: Streetlight Installation – Everett, Westport, Oxford, Westford, Whitman & Douglas (Won by Arden Engineering)

MAPC-DOER-21: Streetlight Installation – Amesbury, Auburn, Haverhill, Tyngsborough & Tewksbury (Won by Arden Engineering)

MAPC-DOER-22: Streetlight Installation – Lynn (Won by Dagle Electric)

MAPC-DOER-23: Streetlight Installation – Athol, Berlin, Cohasset, Leicester, Newbury, Palmer, Salisbury, Somerset, Stoneham and Swansea  (Won by Arden Engineering)

MAPC-DOER-24: Audit/Design Consultant – Statewide (Won by Citelum, Graeme Lister Consulting, LightSmart Consulting, RealTerm Energy, and Tanko Lighting)

MAPC-DOER-25: Streetlight Installation – Agawam and Stoneham (Won by Arden Engineering)

MAPC-DOER-26: Streetlight Installation – Essex, Lexington, Longmeadow, Spencer (Won by Arden Engineering)

MAPC-DOER-27: Streetlight Installation – Billerica, Bridgewater (bid was cancelled)

MAPC-DOER-28: Streetlight Installation – Grafton and Saugus (Won by Dagle Electric)

MAPC-DOER-29: Streetlight Installation – Buckland, Carver, Freetown, Mattapoisett, and West Springfield (Won by Arden Engineering)

MAPC-DOER-30: Streetlight Installation – Billerica and Bridgewater (Won by Pine Ridge Technologies)

LED Luminaire Quotes from State Contract


For more information on any of these projects, contact Cara Goodman, Clean Energy Coordinator, Clean Energy Division, MAPC.