Energy-Related Technical Assistance


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Energy-related Technical Assistance

Community Choice Aggregation

In a municipal aggregation, a city or town contracts with an electricity supplier on behalf of residents and businesses who have not already selected a competitive supplier. Most residents and businesses currently get electricity supply, referred to as basic service, from their electric utility (e.g., National Grid or Eversource). Under state law, however, electric utility customers can choose an electricity supplier other than their utility, and the utility will continue to deliver the electricity, maintain poles and wires, and provide other customer services. Customers still receive a single electricity bill.

Learn more about community choice aggregation here.

Municipal and Community Shared Solar

Community shared solar (CSS) allows communities to provide the benefits of a solar project to residents, non-profits, and businesses that are unable to install solar on their properties. In a CSS arrangement, a solar photovoltaic system provides the benefits of solar to multiple participants, offering opportunities for low and moderate income residents, renters, and owners unable to install solar to invest in renewable energy and receive cost savings. In Massachusetts, these benefits generally come in the form of net metering credits - the energy produced by the CSS system is sold to the energy grid for credits, which are then distributed amongst participants in the shared solar agreement.

To learn more, visit our municipal and community shared solar page here.

Green Communities applications

The Green Communities program provides an opportunity for municipalities to obtain grant funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, as well as publically demonstrate their commitment to "green" efforts at the local level. MAPC can provide technical assistance to communities trying to become dedicated Green Communities and receive related grants.

Learn more on the Green Communities webpage here.

Regional Collaboration

MassEnergyInsight and Municipal Energy Data Management

MassEnergyInsight is a tool available to every Massachusetts city, town, and regional entity. The tool organizes your municipal data, creating reports and targeting programs to reduce your energy use and carbon footprint. MAPC can help gather and organize your municipality’s data to get effective results from the tool.

Energy efficiency for businesses

Energy efficiency can decrease costs for businesses and demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices. Contact us today about how MAPC can help your business become more energy efficient.

Energy-related grant writing and management

Let MAPC help your community apply for and manage grants related to clean energy, energy efficiency, energy data management, and more.

Shared energy staffing services

MAPC works with communities with part-time or intermittent energy-related staffing needs to collaborate and coordinate for shared energy staffing services, such as a Shared Energy Manager. Shared energy staffing services provide an innovative and flexible solution to help communities with limited resources to support and build energy staffing capacity, while promoting regional collaboration in clean energy efforts.

Learn more about staffing services here.