Chelsea Waterfront Community Vision Plan 2016

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How do we make the Chelsea Waterfront better for all?

The City of Chelsea has been working on improving the City for all, and planning for housing, jobs, services and a healthier environment. MAPC is assisting the City to develop a vision for its waterfront to balance the interests of local residents and businesses, and satisfy State objective’s for ensuring public waterfront access and protecting the maritime industrial port of the Boston region.

The Advisory Committee met in December 2015 to discuss the purpose of the plan in preparation for the upcoming public community workshops in March and May 2016 to gather input for developing a “vision” for the waterfront.

Timeline of Public Meetings

March 23, 2016: Public visioning forum with the community and advisory committee

Study area maps

  • Figure 1: Study Area Map with Context, please click to enlarge in PDF format
  • Figure 2: Study Area Map with Context on Aerial, please click to enlarge in PDF format


For more information, please contact Carlos Javier Montañez, Senior Regional Planner and Project Manager at