Needham Arts & Culture Action Plan

Image is of a tall fence that has been painted with a mural. The painting has a light purple/blue background. In large blue letters towards the top it says NEEDHAM. Under the word is a painted pink and purple heart made from hands shaking. Towards the bottom is a thin pink line and a yellow line. At the very bottom of the mural it's aqua. Trees are behind the fence and a sidewalk with leaves on it is in front of the fence.
The Needham Rail Trail mural was designed by Megan Carleton, Sarah Shine and members of the Needham community (photo courtesy of Megan Carleton).
Needham Arts & Culture Action Plan


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Needham Arts & Culture Action Plan

In 2022, the Town of Needham received a technical assistance grant from MAPC to create an Arts & Culture Action Plan. The Plan will outline the vision and values for arts and culture in Needham, highlight cultural assets within the town, and provide recommendations to support a thriving arts and cultural community within Needham that is accessible to all.  

This project is the Town's first cultural planning process and emerges from the Town’s recently adopted Select Board Goals for an arts and culture strategic plan. MAPC is working in partnership with the Town of Needham’s Office of the Town Manager’s Economic Development Manager and the Needham Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) to launch this town-wide cultural planning process.  

MAPC will support Needham’s cultural planning process, including forming and facilitating a Cultural Planning Working Group to guide the visioning for arts and culture within Needham and broadening community engagement. This process will utilize cultural asset mapping, informed by a town-wide survey and focus groups facilitated by MAPC. Additionally, community engagement will include two public meetings for Needham residents to review preliminary findings and provide recommendations for the Needham Arts and Culture Action Plan. 

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For more information about the project, contact MAPC’s Regional Arts and Culture Planner, Abbey Judd at

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Project Goals

Image is of a dirt path going under a bridge. On the left and right sides of the path is grass with fallen leaves scattered and then on the walls abstract painted art. On the side of the bridge it says NEEDHAM in paint. There are trees in the upper portions of the image.

Photo courtesy of Charly Nanda and the NCAC

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