Somerville Community Energy Baseline

Somerville Community Energy Baseline


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Somerville Community Energy Baseline

In 2015, the City of Somerville received technical assistance from MAPC to develop a Community Energy Profile through MAPC's Local Energy Action Program. Somerville's Community Energy Baseline is designed to provide city officials with a clear understanding of Somerville’s energy use along with regional context for municipal energy consumption. A detailed data and analysis of energy consumption across the municipal, residential, and commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors in the Somerville is provided. Additionally, the document also includes a regional comparison of municipal energy consumption with the neighboring cities of Cambridge and Medford.

The information and analysis presented in this Community Energy Baseline document is intended to give Somerville a more nuanced and granular understanding of energy consumption in the community, with preliminary recommendations on measures to investigate.

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Programs & Initiatives

Honeywell Energy Performance Contract is a $7.8 million energy savings performance contract with as a mechanism to fund deep energy retrofits in municipal facilities.

Somerville’s residential energy efficiency program was a joint initiative between Somerville’s Housing Division, OSE, and Commission on Energy and Climate Change. Designed to address energy efficiency in multi-family and rental units, the program ran from November 2011 through December 2012