Lex Berman

Assistant GIS Administrator

Department: Data Services – Research


Lex Berman joined MAPC as Assistant GIS Administrator in October 2021. He works for the Research Team in Digital Services on the acquisition and cleaning of datasets for analysis, mapping, and uploading to DataCommon.

Before joining MAPC, he worked for many years at Harvard University on projects related to geospatial data and digital humanities. He served as manager of CHGIS (the China Historical Geographic Information System project) in collaboration with Fudan University, Shanghai. Lex also developed a temporal gazetteer webservice (TGAZ) for querying the historical placenames of China, Russia and Tibet. He was co-editor of “Placing Names, Enriching and Integrating Gazetteers” (2016) published in the Spatial Humanities Series from Indiana University Press.

Lex grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and attended UMASS Amherst Asian Languages Program for his B.A. and M.A. degrees. A resident of Massachusetts for more than three decades, Lex has been a life-long advocate for safe cycling and public transit.

Areas of Expertise: Geographic Information Systems, Databases, Data Archiving.