Lindsay Randall

Regional Humanities Specialist

Department: Arts & Culture
Phone: 617-933-0700 x254


Lindsay Randall joined MAPC in 2022 and is the Regional Humanities Specialist. As part of the Arts & Culture department, her work includes historic and cultural resources planning with an emphasis on expanding inclusive and equitable history, heritage, and culture, supporting commemorative arts initiatives and projects with interpretive storytelling components, developing inclusive tourism and cultural planning practices, and developing storytelling as a strategy for equitable planning.

Lindsay brings over fourteen years of experience in humanities and engagement to her role at MAPC. Previously she worked at the Robert S. Peabody Institute of Archaeology as their Curator of Education. In this role, Lindsay used material culture to integrate racial equality principles into the classroom and beyond. As the Curator of Education, she ran a joint three-week educational program with the Pueblo of Jemez (New Mexico) each year and has worked extensively with other indigenous groups in Massachusetts and across the country. She has also worked on projects for the Southern Poverty Law Center, National Park Service, Royall House and Slave Quarters, and other state and national organizations to advocate for communities through shared and intersecting histories, as well as merging economic opportunity with heritage and cultural preservation.

Lindsay holds a B.A. in History from Keene State College and a M.A. in Historical Archaeology from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She serves as a Commissioner for the Ipswich Historical Commission and as a Trustee for the Massachusetts Archaeological Society.

Areas of Expertise: inclusive engagement, storytelling, public programming, community collaboration and advancement, humanities and history frameworks, facilitating peer-learning opportunities