MAPC’s Statement on Govenor’s Veto of S.2995


For Immediate Release: January 14, 2021

“Last month, the Baker Administration set ambitious goals for a net zero future by releasing the 2030 Clean Energy and Climate Plan outlining actions to prevent the worst impacts of climate change over the next decade. Massachusetts was on the cusp of leading the nation on climate until the Governor scuttled that opportunity, missing the next logical and crucial step by vetoing of Senate Bill 2995,” Metropolitan Area Planning Council Deputy Director Rebecca Davis said. “The product of months of work by the Legislature, this bill would have provided the statutory authority to accomplish the Climate Plan’s bold vision by mandating nation-leading greenhouse gas reductions while catalyzing significant investment in the Massachusetts clean energy sector. The Governor’s veto also abandons long-overdue provisions for environmental justice communities, recognizing the unequal environmental burden these neighborhoods have shouldered and providing protections from pollution and incentives for clean energy development going forward.

“Respectfully, we believe Governor Baker’s concerns about the impact of the bill on construction costs do not square with the facts. The real estate industry raised similar objections years ago when the current stretch code was put in place, but hundreds of communities adopted the stretch code, the construction industry readily adapted to the changes and development continues unimpeded. As a member of the Global Warming Solutions Act Implementation Advisory Committee, MAPC is deeply disappointed that Governor Baker chose to veto this critical bill. We applaud Speaker Mariano and Senate President Spilka for their commitment to refile and pass the bill again as early as possible in the 2021 session.”

Press Contact: Amanda Linehan,